The Pros of Influencer Marketing enumerated by Media Tribe Founders Sunil Gupta and Rima Mishra.

Media Tribe Founders Sunil Gupta
Media Tribe Founders Sunil Gupta

Media Tribe founded by Sunil Gupta and Rima Mishra has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Today it is a well-known name in the digital marketing industry. This duo of Sunil Gupta and Rima Mishra has their finger on the pulse of the customer’s ad preferences. They know that most customers prefer to hide the ads that pop up or they scroll past the ads without spending time on them. Media Tribe has devised strategies to hold the audience’s attention.

Through a combination of ad strategies, influencer marketing, and brand content, Sunil Gupta and Rima Mishra come up with ingenious digital marketing strategies. This expertise has won them many loyal clients and given them good standing in the field of digital marketing. 

Media Tribe Founders Sunil Gupta
                Media Tribe Founders Sunil Gupta

Rima and Sunil explain that the basic principle of influencer marketing is to target the audience on whom influence will work. A well-planned strategy is needed in which you segregate the audience and understand their preferences. When you choose your influencer, you have to then evaluate their reach, the content that they promote, how the audience reacts to them, etc. 

The trust factor is very important here. The influencer must be able to inspire trust in whatever he or she is endorsing or representing. The influencer must be comfortable with the brand you are asking them to promote since customers are quick to discern false claims and promotional content. It should appear genuine and should inspire confidence. Media Tribe does a lot of research and engages the audience with the influencer after careful selection only. The audience too is the section that needs to be influenced and therefore they are only included in the campaign. Concentrated efforts and the right strategy focus on influencer marketing had earned Media Tribe and its founders Rima Mishra and Sunil Gupta, a lot of fame and recognition.

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