The spectacular journey of Shweta’s batter store from a home kitchen to a flourishing factory unit

With the advent of fast food and all the ills that it brings with it, the health-conscious population is on the look out for healthy options. Shwetha Nayak Mhetar selected a very popular food item dosas and decide to make it a healthy and scrumptious meal. 

Shwetha Nayak Mhetar founder of Shweta ‘s batter store ensure that their clients get nothing but the best in terms of good health and hygiene. Shweta chooses all the ingredients personally.  She adds the best spices and flavours to enhance the food value of her batters. 

The uniqueness of her healthy batters is that they are instant, free from gluten and any preservatives, completely vegan and made using very high standards of sanitation. Shwetha Nayak Mhetar through Shweta’s batter ensures that she offers a complete nutritional and tasty package to her clients.

Shwetha Nayak Mhetar
                                                                                                 Shwetha Nayak Mhetar

All dosa lovers have a treat of varieties in store for them. All dosas are accompanied by extremely lip-smacking chutneys. The healthy options include ragi and adai dosas. This comes as really good news for people who are aware that they need to eat healthy, but do not know how to make these batters. These pre made easy to use healthy options have become extremely popular. Shwetha Nayak Mhetar through her Shweta’s batter store makes healthy and tasty eating a very simple choice for all dosa lovers.

Mumbaikars have the option of getting a variety of dosa and chutneys home delivered or delivered to their door step. They get to choose from – ragi idli dosa batter, Multigrain dosa batter, adai dosa batter. For chutneys you have plain coconut, coconut garlic, and many more with the promise of good health and nutrition.

Shwetha Nayak Mhetar keeps the varied tastes of customers in mind and creates innovative options for a wide section of clients.


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