The youth are working for a better tomorrow, author Rajlakshmi Patil propagates environment conservation!

Rajlakshmi Patil
Rajlakshmi Patil

The young generation is churning out people with the right ideologies and practices. Just at the age of 18, Rajlakshmi Patil is a published poet. Her book Mystic explores her connection with nature and relates it to the different phases of her life. It is this passion and love for nature that she carries with her that has shaped her into an environmental activist. The book delineates her experiences at the majestic Swiss Alps and time spent in the coastal city of Mumbai. Rajlakshmi Patil began writing at the tender age of 13.

Her book traces her reputed lineage to her illustrious grandfather Dr. D.Y Patil. Rajlakshmi Patil’s grandfather was the former governor of West Bengal, Bihar, and Tripura. She talks about her experiences are central to her writing. Her life experiences and the impact of certain people like her grandfather. 

Rajlakshmi Patil
Rajlakshmi Patil

Rajlakshmi Patil encashes the reach of her published work and advocates an environment-friendly approach. She creates awareness on the conservation of the environment. She has been ably supported by her mother Shivani Vijay Patil and her father Dr. Vijay Patil in following her passion and penning down her inner thoughts and ideas through her expressive poems. Her poems pay a wonderful tribute to the mystic nature and the beautiful natural beauty. She paints a wonderful picture through her words about her stay amidst the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps and the transition to a metro city like Mumbai. She paints the beauty of nature through her words in all its splendor and glory. The readers are left mesmerized and geared up to maintain the beautiful pristine surroundings of nature by doing their bit.

During her education at Aiglon College, Switzerland, she won the esteemed environmental prize. This honor is bestowed on students who make a difference through their immediate actions and not just advocate global concerns. Young Rajlakshmi Patil raised funds to fight climate change from the sales proceeds of her book. The noble task of dedicating the proceeds to the organization D-CAL that worked towards environment conservation was initiated.

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