This Guy Cheated On His Girlfriend After She Gave Him One Of Her Kidneys, And It’s Honestly Too Much

This Guy Cheated On His Girlfriend After She Gave Him One Of Her Kidneys, And It's Honestly Too Much

This Guy Cheated On His Girlfriend After She Gave Him One Of Her Kidneys, And It’s Honestly Too Much: It’s important to be there for the people you care about, but occasionally a good deed will take you in a direction you wouldn’t have anticipated.

Colleen Le, a TikToker, recently told the story of a nice act she performed that had an unexpected result. Colleen (@colleeeniie) posted a video in which she congratulated her partner on receiving a second chance at life as a result of her kidney donation to him. However, she then revealed that her boyfriend had cheated on her after the donation.

Colleen, a thirty-year-old account professional who lives in Yorba Linda, California, was the person I chatted with. Colleen stated that she had met the man who would later become her ex-boyfriend in 2015, and after dating him for a few months, she made the decision to give one of her kidneys to him. Colleen went on to say that at the time they met, he was already undergoing peritoneal dialysis, which meant that his kidney function was already at less than 5 percent, so she felt that it was urgent and that he needed a kidney as soon as possible. “At the time we met, he was already going through peritoneal dialysis,” she said. “This meant that his kidney function was already at less than 5 percent.”

Even though it was Colleen’s decision to give her kidney to her ex-boyfriend, she added that despite the fact that he never formally asked her for a kidney, he did “pretty much open the door for me to get tested.” She stated that her ex-boyfriend was honest with her about his health and provided her with information on who she should contact in order to determine whether or not she was a match to donate organs.

Colleen ultimately stated that she made the decision to donate her kidney in order to enhance the quality of life of her ex-boyfriend. She stated, “I saw how his day-to-day was and how much he was struggling health-wise so that already convinced me to want to help him in the best way I can.” Colleen gave her kidney to her ex-boyfriend.

Colleen reported that the dynamic of her relationship with her exe-boyfriend remained essentially the same after she gave her kidney to her former partner and until nearly seven months after her operation. Colleen claimed that her ex-boyfriend, who had been attending a bachelor party at the time, showed up at her house unannounced in order to break the news to her that he had been unfaithful to her. Colleen added, “My initial response was one of hurt and betrayal because of what you did. After everything I’ve done for him, the fact that he would betray me in such a way came as quite a surprise to me because he was a devout Christian and had never wavered from his principles during the course of our relationship. I was left with the impression that I had been severely betrayed and used.”

Colleen admitted that she did try to offer her ex-boyfriend a second opportunity, despite the fact that she was in a lot of pain, but she added that “Honesty, thinking back, I don’t know why I thought giving him another chance would work out when my trust in him was utterly broken.”

Three months later, while they were having a heated disagreement over the phone, Colleen said that her ex-boyfriend had all of a sudden expressed a desire to put an end to their conversation and study the Bible together. Colleen said, “I responded by telling him, “No, is it possible that we simply talk it out?” That single event was enough to set him off to the point where he basically ended our relationship and said something to the effect of, “If God wants us to be together, then we’ll find a way back together in the end.” After hanging up, he proceeded to block Colleen’s number as well as all of her social media accounts. He then deleted all of her posts from all of her accounts.

Colleen stated that she was at a low place following the split, and that the agony was made worse by the fact that she had donated her kidney to her ex-boyfriend. Colleen added that she was at a low time because she had donated her kidney to her ex-boyfriend. In her words: “I loved him so deeply that I risked my own life to try to keep him alive because I was convinced that we were destined to spend the rest of our lives together. It was quite challenging for me to get over the fact that he severed all ties with me so quickly and made it seem as though I had never been a part of his life.”

Colleen’s ex-boyfriend reportedly tried to get in touch with her for a lunch date around the one-year anniversary of her kidney donation, but she did not react to his messages despite the fact that they had not spoken for two months. “I didn’t answer because I had the impression that he was merely reaching out to me out of remorse,” she explained. Colleen stated that despite everything that has happened, she does not have any regrets about the fact that she donated a kidney to her ex-boyfriend, saying, “Despite everything that has happened, I still would not take back saving his life.”

Colleen stated that after downloading the app in the year 2020 and listening to other people express their own horrible experiences, she was motivated to share her own tale on TikTok and share it with the world. In her words: “It pushed me to act in a similar manner. I thought it was hilarious to build satire out of a terrifying situation.”

Colleen continued by saying that she was astounded by the massive response that the video received, and she stated, “I was completely unprepared for how quickly it would spread throughout the internet. The vast majority of people who watched the film provided feedback that was really upbeat, sincere, and touching; some even mentioned that it gave them hope. It is an incredible feeling to be aware that my films are causing people to feel encouraged and to have faith that, despite the pain they are through, everything will turn out all right in the end.”

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