Top 5 bus brands of all time

Top 5 bus brands of all time

Top 5 bus brands of all time: When choosing any car, in addition to the criteria and goals that are important for us, we always pay attention to the brand of the manufacturer. If we want to buy a bus–c65 then the brand of the manufacturer will come to the fore, since you can even buy a used bus from a good manufacturer and be sure of the quality of this car. In order to simplify your search, the bestbusbrands of all time will be described here.

Van Hool

Buying a busof this model is a great idea, as this is one of the oldest Belgian companies specializing in the production of trolleybuses, buses, and semi-trailers. The company has the largest engineering plant in Europe. At the moment, he works with MAN, from which he is gaining even more popularity.

The lineup:

  • Acron – stands out for its comfortable sound insulation;
  • Alicron – successor and actual copy of Acron, produced since 2000;
  • Altano – premium double-decker bus;
  • Astromega – the authority of this brand, due to the lack of a second staircase to the second floor, accommodates more passengers

Mercedes benz

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo is a series of luxury intercity and tourist buses. The O 350 RHD and SHD models differ in body height and luggage compartment capacity. For the Turkish market, the O 403 SHD model was produced.

In Europe, Tourismo is one of the most common tourist buses. More than 12,000 buses of this family can be found on the roads.


The Chinese bus market has been actively developing for several years, offering busesat a very attractive price. Passenger vehicles are in high demand among customers from different countries, due to the significant number of positive characteristics that are inherent in buses.

The Yutong brand is known in Europe for comfortable Tourist type buses: ZK6122H9; ZK6129H; ZK6899HA; ZK6128H; ZK6121HQ; ZK6938HB9; ZK6122HL; ZK6932D1; T122HDH; ZK6752DFA9; ZK6125D1; T13.

City models: ZK6737D; ZK6852HG; U12; ZK6108HGH Slideshow Video: 10 Benefits For Your Business


Bus transport of the MAN family is especially appreciated in the European market and is in demand among drivers with absolute certainty due to its exemplary German quality. Used buses of this company can often be found in secondary markets. Transport is characterized by a long service life and safety for passengers. A MAN busof any series is, as a rule, a unique design, ergonomics and reliability.

The lineup is presented:

  • City buses MAN Lion’s City
  • Coaches MAN Lion’s Coach
  • Intercity buses MAN Lion’s Intercity
  • Vans MAN TGE


Volvo Bussar is a division of the Volvo Group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers, which also develops, manufactures and sells complete city and intercity busesof large capacity under its own brand. The company is at the forefront of technological development, and now its machines are dispersed throughout the world markets in thousands of copies.

The lineup:

  1. Series 7000

  • Volvo 7700
  • Volvo 7700A
  1. Series 8000

  • Volvo 8700-10.8m
  • Volvo 8700-12.0m
  • Volvo 8700-14.0m
  • Volvo 8700LE-12.0m Low Entry
  • Volvo 8700LE-14.5m Low Entry
  1. Series 9000

  • Volvo 9700
  • Volvo 9900-12.0m
  • Volvo 9900-12.8m
  • Volvo 9900-13.7m
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