Top 5 High Risk Payment Processors You Should Look For In 2023

Top 5 High Risk Payment Processors You Should Look For In 2023

Top 5 High Risk Payment Processors You Should Look For In 2023: If you run a high-risk business, you should plan on paying higher costs, but you do not have to accept subpar customer service. You can try the high risk payment processor This article will discuss some of the finest suppliers of high-risk merchant accounts.

What Exactly Is A High-Risk Payment Processor?

A high-risk payment processor helps to accommodate companies with a more significant potential for experiencing chargebacks, fraud, or overall failure.

Given the risk involved for the banks, standard merchant accounts will often not work for these types of companies. You can take credit cards if you have a high-risk payment processor since it will accept the risk. However, the trade-off is that the costs are often higher.

In addition, they are more prepared to cope with the specific requirements of high-risk organizations. Because of this, it is essential to choose the appropriate supplier familiar with your company’s nature.

5 High-Risk Payment Processors That Are Worth It This 2023

Shark Processing

Shark Processing is an industry leader in providing high-risk merchant accounts to e-commerce companies. It offers the following two promises to every customer:

  • When you complete your application online, you will immediately get an estimate for your services.
  • You will receive the lowest prices possible in the business.

Shark Processing specializes in many businesses, including health and beauty, fantasy sports, weapons, tobacco and vape, travel, search engine optimization, and software-as-a-service (SEO/SEM).

Shark Processing may accept even company owners with poor personal credit histories. However, you may not get authorization if your credit score does not exceed 500.

When your processing history has been consistent for three to six months, Shark Processing may assess your merchant account to determine whether or not you are eligible for lower processing charges or account fees. Please keep your chargeback ratio as low as possible if you want to qualify.


PaymentCloud is a merchant account provider established in 2015 in Southern California. The company has built a solid reputation for specializing in high-risk businesses.

They have knowledgeable employees who can handle your specific requirements, so it does not matter whether you are in a high-risk field or have previously been unsuccessful in the company. You will have the assistance of a specialized account representative who will be by your side during your account.

PaymentCloud has more than ten different banking partnerships, and they can assist you in selecting the one that is the most excellent match for your business and offers the most competitive prices.

They concentrate on preventing fraud and chargebacks from assisting you in avoiding chargebacks before they happen. You can integrate their dispute prevention and detection software into your payment processor.


Durango is one of the earliest suppliers of high-risk merchant accounts, having started operations in 1997. It collaborates with a wide variety of banks and processors all around the globe to assist you in finding the one that is the most suitable—because of this, using Durango is a fantastic choice if you do business on a global scale or have consumers in other countries.

Merchant accounts that accommodate more than one currency are one of Durango’s specialties. This factor allows customers in different countries to see pricing and transact in their nation’s currency.

You can take payments in digital currency both in-store, online, and through invoicing. Even the processing of cryptocurrencies is available via Durango. This factor enables you to access an increased income stream since more than 4 million cryptocurrency transactions occur daily.

You will be assigned a personal account administrator to continue working with you on your subscription. You will also get their direct phone number, allowing you to contact them without going through any hoops.

Host Merchant Services

Most people recognize Host Merchant Services, sometimes known as HMS, as a standard merchant account provider. However, it also offers help to high-risk firms, which may cause other suppliers to reject them.

Host Merchant Services provides high-risk merchants with interchange-plus pricing, which is a significant positive aspect of the company (instead of the typical-tiered pricing most payment providers offer). This factor may assist in maintaining reduced overall processing expenses for your business. You must talk with HMS to get a customized interchange-plus price for your company.

In general, HMS provides the following:

  • There are neither contracts nor fines for early termination. The rate will not fluctuate for the duration of your account.
  • Additionally, Host Merchant Services takes excellent pleasure in providing customer care that is available around the clock. There is no waiting on hold, and a person in the United States will answer the calls within the first three rings.

HMS specializes in managing not-for-profit organizations, enterprises relating to the automobile industry, hotels, fitness centers, medical and veterinary clinics, guns, and construction companies. Through its cooperation with Electronic Merchant Systems, it can also help other sectors generally associated with a high level of risk.

Most high-risk providers have partnerships with many processors to assist you in picking the one that is the most excellent match for your business, but HSM is the only high-risk provider that Wells Fargo endorses. If Wells Fargo decides not to work with your line of business, this may indicate that your application will not be successful.

Host Merchant Services

SMB Global

SMB Global is a supplier of high-risk merchant accounts specializing in the industry. It is one of the few service providers that will work with “ultra-high-risk” businesses.

Some examples include the adult entertainment industry, gambling, nutraceuticals (including items derived from cannabis), coins and precious metals, offshore corporations, and debt collection. These companies often get turned down for financing, even by high-risk experts.

SMB Global maintains over 15 different local and international banking partnerships. This factor allows them to locate the most suitable tailor-made solution for you.

SMB Global is better suited for companies that face a high level of risk online. It provides access to two different payment gateways, namely NMI and It integrates with over 175 other online shopping carts and provides developers with APIs so that it may be fully customizable.


The five trustworthy merchant account providers included in this article are experts in high-risk handling transactions. No matter what field you work in, you will be able to find a job that is a suitable match for you.

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