Toronto – Canada’s largest city is going into a minimum of 28 days lockdown

The spread of COVID -19 in neighbouring USA and the Peel and Ontario region has raised serious pandemic concerns in Canada. The lockdown is slated to take effect coming Monday. As a precautionary measure, the biggest city of Canada, Toronto will go into lockdown from this Monday for at least 28 days. This announcement came from a news release issued by the Premier of Ontario’s office, this Friday. The premier of Ontario Doug Ford mentioned that there was an alarmingly high figure recorded of those infected with the deadly virus.  This lockdown will be effective in protecting long term care and retirement homes, hospitals and every individual in the province of Ontario.

He went on to add that they could not afford a lockdown for the entire province, hence were moving Peel and Toronto into lockdown restrictions.

The levels of restrictions would include a ban on indoor social gatherings and events, limited to include only members of the same household. A total of only 10 people would be permitted for outdoor social gatherings. There would be a restriction on funerals, religious ceremonies, wedding services up to a limit of only 10 people. Physical distancing would have to be maintained at all times though.

There would be a limit on retail operations and only curbside delivery and pick up would be permitted. Grocery stores and pharmacies would be allowed to function at only 50% capacity.

Post-secondary education would shift to virtual learning except for personal one on one training. Child care and school would function as usual and remain open. 

Prime Minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau tweeted from his official twitter handle and appreciated the health care workers who were putting their lives in danger to protect the citizens of the country. He said getting a control on the second wave was very crucial 

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