Tye Hayes shows how women and minorities can dominate sectors that were male dominated earlier

Tye Hayes
Tye Hayes

It has been observed that in many industries, men have always had the privilege to acquire prime positions. Women and minorities are more often than not neglected and sidelined for such positions. Tye Hayes provides tailored tech solutions as a change agent. In recent years, considerable change has been brought about in diversity and representation with people and both genders being included in various sectors. Tye Hayes has been empowering go-getters to secure coveted spots in diverse sectors that were hitherto only open to men.

Tye Hayes
                                       Tye Hayes

Tye Hayes is a veteran, who has served in the navy as the Chief Technology Officer in the Department of Atlanta Information Management. She was assigned this responsible position in 2018, based on her profound knowledge of information technology and experience. Tye Hayes was the information security officer at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. Her combined business experience is as a business strategist, solutions architect, and technologist. During her career, she has successfully solved many tech-related problems. She is known for her detailed approach and not quick-fix solutions. Her in-depth knowledge has been appreciated by those whom she has worked for. The solutions that she offers her clients are a result of deep study and thought.

Quoting an example, she says how she had been approached by the Chief of Police to build a real-time crime center, and apart from doing just that she had also resolved other issues like employee attrition, staffing concerns, etc N-Ovate solution, the consulting firm that she runs, serves as a bridge for the gaps that exist between institutions and organizations. Her company offers complete strategic services and IT solutions. The industries it caters to cover – education, private sector, and government sectors. Its’ services cover planning and direction after analysis.

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