Tyrone creates music that connects with people


Sadiq Mohammad or Tyrone as he is popularly known today had created a deep imprint of success in the music industry. He has kept his desi background in mind while creating music. His main aim is to connect people through his music. Tyrone comes from the Bay Area and has had the privilege of listening to reputed pop artists like Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa. Having grown up in the midst of a large population of Pakistanis and Indians he has been exposed to Bollywood music. This is a term popularly used for Indian music, which is primarily Hindi music made for movies in Bollywood.


While talking about Bollywood music, Tyrone tells us how songs are made for different occasions. There are songs to suit different moods. There is a mood for celebration, happiness, disappointment, anger and so on and there are songs especially created for such moods. Tyrone believes in living in the present and enjoying life, at the same time connecting people through his music. Tyrone’s music is in sync with his desi background. Quite a large part of his time was spent listening to hip-hop music. Tyrone is very keen on experimenting with music. His latest song to create a huge success is on Apple Music titled Tyrone. This 25-year-old artist is working on more releases for Apple Music. What started as making small-time music from the bedroom has scaled up to hits on Apple Music.

Tyrone has experimented with various genres of music and given it a fresh new appeal. As a youngster, he has had the opportunity of listening to music icons, listening to desi Bollywood music, listening to hip hop, and in this process, he has himself learned a lot. He had successfully created music that touches the soul and bonds people together. 

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