Umaira Habib’s homegrown beauty venture Honey n Beaute breaks stereotypes

Umaira Habib
Umaira Habib

The beauty industry is teeming with players each trying to outdo the other. Umaira Habib founder of Honey n Beaute started off with the mission of introducing innovative and beneficial products for her customers. Entrepreneur Umaira Habib was keen to create awareness in the minds of her customers about the existence of fake beauty products in the market. She also wanted to educate them through the products used at Honey n Beaute on how to identify and differentiate the genuine ones from the fake ones.

With so many players in the cosmetic business, the most challenging task is to create uniqueness. Umaira Habib strives to do just that, through her unique products at Honey n Beaute. The cosmetic industry is one industry where brands try to copy the successful ones, and Umaira Habib was aware that she would have to be very careful on that account by creating her own unique line at Honey n Beaute.

Umaira Habib
               Umaira Habib

Umaira Habib has a feel of the pulse of the customer. She is aware of their needs and strives to deliver simple and effective solutions.

Honey n Beaute was born out of her passion to bring a wide range of innovative products for skin and hair care – including shampoos, soaps. The Henna body lotion for tan removal, the 24k gold serum with 25 herbs, essential oils, and much more, became hot favorites with her customers.

Umaira Habib has demonstrated how a middle-class woman, with language barriers, after marriage and the mother of two children, can make a mark for herself through determination and dedication. Her efforts gained recognition and Umaira Habib Founder of Honey n Beaute was conferred the Best Young Entrepreneur of the year 2020.

Umaira Habib and Honey n Beaute have broken all stereotypes in the cosmetics industry to create a distinct stamp of excellence for themselves!

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