Vincent Muller – an entrepreneur who finds happiness in contributing to the masses

Vincent Muller
Vincent Muller

Entrepreneur Vincent Muller, believes that success does not necessarily breed happiness. As the founder of two successful companies with huge revenues, his happiness stems from what he can do for the masses. That initiative provides him inner peace equanimity.

As the co-founder of HYGH and Medical one, Vincent Muller created two successful companies which he built from scratch. With the ruthless onslaught of the pandemic that impacted many companies negatively, Vincent Muller used his position in HYGH to assist businesses in staying afloat during these trying times. In a bid to support his country, Vincent has built multiple test centers spanning all across Germany where he sells the much-needed PPE equipment, at a fair price. 

Vincent Muller
                                       Vincent Muller

Vincent Muller had in his early years, helped his mother manage a big company in Berlin and his charitable nature has a lot to do with his upbringing in those early years. Muller studied the functioning of the real estate industry and the moved on to the world of cryptocurrency. An investment made by him zoomed to fetch him very high returns, and he utilized the capital gained from that, in setting up his own venture. His profits drew the attention of his friends and he along with two of his other friends, Fritz and Antonius, embarked on the idea of opening their own crypto consulting firm. Their initial plans were thwarted owing to budgetary constraints. Their other plan of helping businesses launch advertisements came into being and thus was born HYGH. This venture became very profitable and generated a monthly revenue of close to $500,000. During the pandemic however their business like several others from all over the world was severely hit. Instead of mulling over the losses, Vincent’s charitable spirit took over and he decided to utilize the network that he had created over the years for the advantage of the people. Medical One a group created by him and his partner Christian Schroeder, obtained and supplied necessary medical equipment at prices that were competitive and fair.  A total of 35 million masks were delivered by this company to the German Government.

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