Ways to Find Your Stolen Photos On the Internet

Ways to Find Your Stolen Photos On the Internet

When you create visual content and upload it on your sites, it is our moral duty to safeguard your images from illegal use to enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Otherwise, some platforms can steal your material and use it on their channels without taking permission. As a result, you can lose a handsome amount of royalty on your images. Therefore, you must keep an eye on your photos to check who is stealing them. You can explore the internet manually to find your stolen items, but that will take a lot of time and solid manual effort.

Moreover, the accuracy will also be on the lower side. However, there is a way that is more apt and gives quick results. You can take help from reverse image search to figure out different available versions of your created photos on the internet. Let’s discuss how this technique works and how it can help you save your images from misuse.

Reverse Image Search – A way to Find Stolen Photos

Image search is an excellent and easy-to-use approach that has made web exploration more accurate and precise. 

You can easily take benefit from this fantastic method after having a bird’s eye view. If you sense that any of your images have been used by some other platform without giving due credit, then you can easily reach that culprit using a reverse image search technique. 

First, you must have your original image to perform a reverse photo lookup. Then you can go to an image search engine and place your photo in the search bar by clicking the camera option. As a result, you can see hundreds of visually similar images on your screen. Following outcomes, you can mark out a platform if it is using your photos. And if you find some, you can ask them to remove the image from their sites.

You can also possess the luxury of reporting those channels to the concerned authorities, who could either ban them or ask them to pay some fine to you. Moreover, if you want to avoid any of these penalties, you can ask them to promote your brand on their platforms. It will help you get more traffic to your site, thus increasing conversions. 

Reverse image search is performed in two ways, usually, i.e., through search engines directly and via third-party online image search tools. But, the preferred one is image reverse search through web tools because that allows you to go through the databases of multiple search engines at once, which helps in saving time. Otherwise, if you explore search engines one by one, you will need to start your search process from zero every time you change your platform.

It is the best way to keep check and balance on your images on the web. But there are some tricks that can help you save your photos from getting stolen. We will highlight the most appropriate ones below.

Methods to Protect Your Images

Many ways can help in protecting your images. For example, you can easily save your pictures with the help of the following methods.

The primary practice that you can opt for to protect your images is copyright registration of your material. No doubt, when you create something, you automatically become the owner of that stuff. However, the official copyright registration also gives you some additional protections. If you find images on the web that are registered with your reference, you can ask the user to pay legal expenses against your photos. If you claim something without copyright registration, then you may not be able to get enough compensation for your loss.

Watermark Your Images

It is another way that can help you save your pictures from unauthorized use. However, it also represents that you are a copyright holder of images with your watermark. Additionally, you can get some solid fame if your visual gets viral on social media. Therefore, if someone tries to use your images after removing watermarks, you can easily find that with an image search in no time.

Upload Images in Low Resolution

You can upload your photos in low resolution to save them. It means that if someone tries to save and use your image on their platform, they will get that in pretty low quality. However, this could also affect the traffic rate on your platform if you upload your images in a resolution less than the standard one.


Everything you upload on your social media profiles or other platforms is your property. It helps you to build your identity in the world of the web. Therefore, you must always take care of your uploaded data on stuff, be it text or visual, because it is your digital legacy. After reading this article, we hope you will pay proper attention to taking care of your uploaded data on the internet.

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