Weilyn Chong and Ali Debow assist businesswomen globally through The Entrepre女ers Network

Weilyn Chong & Ali Debow
Weilyn Chong & Ali Debow

Women are known to be a large pool of talent, that is largely untapped. The Entrepreers Network that has been introduced by Weilyn Chang and Ali Debow, helps businesswomen by providing them support, guidance, and inspiration. This assistance is not limited to one geographic region but helps women globally.

One of the main drawbacks that women face is poor networking. Men stand a better chance in networking, but for women the opportunities are limited. Networking is the crux of establishing a successful business. Through networking, an entrepreneur can communicate with customers, manufacturers, suppliers, and so on. The Entrepreers Network formed by 24-year-olds 

Weilyn Chong & Ali Debow
                                                                                                          Weilyn Chong & Ali Debow

Weilyn Chong and Ali Debow, who are college students, aims at providing support to women entrepreneurs including that of providing networking opportunities. The Entrepreers podcast started by them, interviews various businesswomen who are successful. Amanda Pullinger CEO of 100 women in Finance and Founder &CEO of Sheertex Katherine Humouth were interviewed. 

After a successful first season of podcasts has reached out to thousands of listeners, they expanded their reach and converted it into a community initiative. Through this initiative, they seek to provide empowerment to women all across the world. This also gives them a platform to introduce the love of business in the next generation.

Through this network women all across the world are connected and apart from a business bonding, it creates a cultural bonding too. This gives women the platform to explore their passion and develop the skills that are needed in a successful business. Weilyn Chong and Ali Debow are college students and carry a young and fresh perspective on business and the challenges that can be faced by young women entrepreneurs.

These young women have created a revolutionary platform for businesswomen globally, that is being appreciated and valued.

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