What can Glycerine do for your skin?

What can Glycerine do for your skin?
What can Glycerine do for your skin?

Glycerine is transparent and without any odor hence it is used very commonly in cleansers, moisturisers, and serums.  Skincare is very important and everybody should do it. It needs careful and regular maintenance. What people must however understand is that good skin is not the result of expensive skincare products. It is not dependant on imported cosmetics that cost a lot. One of the best ingredients in any skincare product as said by experienced dermatologists is glycerine.  Glycerine can be obtained after sugars are fermented or can be derived from plants or even made synthetically.

What can Glycerine do for your skin?
                                                                                                  What can Glycerine do for your skin?

The common benefits of glycerine are:


  • Due to its molecular value which is very low it penetrates deep into the skin and is, therefore, very effective.


  • It preserves water in the skin and attracts it too due to its humectant property. This keeps the skin hydrated.


  • It protects against any skin irritation and soothes the skin.


  • Glycerine helps relive dryness 


  • It softens the skin as an emollient


  • Those suffering from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can benefit a great deal from it.


  • Its anti-microbial properties protects it from harmful microorganisms that can harm the skin.


  • It can help heal wounds is also what some doctors say.


  • It helps heal chapped lips very effectively 


  • It is a great protector for the cold weather outdoors and in cold countries.


Some experts claim that glycerine also has properties to whiten your skin, however there are no scientific research reports as yet to substantiate this claim made by a few.

So, the next time you see that small inexpensive bottle of glycerine please keep in mind that there are a million benefits that it offers for your skin care!


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