What General Manager Joe Schoen learned at the Senior Bowl.

What General Manager Joe Schoen learned at the Senior Bowl.

What General Manager Joe Schoen learned at the Senior Bowl. On Wednesday, general manager Joe Schoen met with media members in Mobile, Alabama, amid the activities surrounding the Senior Bowl. In addition to providing an update on the progress of the ongoing contract discussions, he touched on the scouting methods.

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Everything you need to know about it is as follows:

  • The National and American teams each put in two days of practice this week, the second of which was Wednesday. Before the significant event on Saturday afternoon at Hancock Whitney Stadium, both teams’ lineups will have an additional 90 minutes to showcase their skills on the playing field.
  • According to Schoen, who is in his second year as general manager, it is an entirely different world for him and his staff compared to a year ago. The Senior Bowl he played in the year before was the first time he interacted with college scouts.
  • This year, the scouting department and the coaching staff are functioning seamlessly because we have an entire coaching staff. “Regarding the goal we are trying to achieve as well as the next steps in the process, and we are all on the same page. We have completed one full cycle of a year together and participated in all activities for a whole year. And everyone is aware of what is expected of them. Therefore, I believe this year will turn out much better for us.”
  • The running back Saquon Barkley and his agent are now amid contract talks, which are scheduled to resume after the Senior Bowl. “To succeed in any negotiation, you need to get closer. The following week, we will work hard to accomplish this goal.”
  • Daniel Jones’ representatives “haven’t started” talking about a new deal, but Schoen expressed his hope that the quarterback will remain with the team. “We are currently discussing where we would like to begin.”
  • During his time at the Senior Bowl, Schoen assesses the various position groups about their equivalents in football. “The fact that this is the Senior Bowl is a positive development. This area is home to a large number of talented players. It’s a great chance to watch talented players go up against each other in head-to-head competition. When you’re viewing the match live, the team periods are challenging. You need to concentrate on a couple of the individuals you are interested in during the day and get a solid sense of what they are like as people.”
  • When transitioning from college to the pros, there is a learning curve for all players, particularly for skill players. The question “How far away are they in terms of their football foundation and knowledge?” is one of the most important questions to answer when evaluating a potential.
  • Schoen was effusive in his enthusiasm for the “method” that his scouting department uses to determine which players the coaching staff ought to see.
  • Recent changes made by Executive Director Jim Nagy to Senior Bowl protocols include simplifying and accelerating the interviewing process. Teams can carry out informal interviews, and no time limits are associated.
  • During the formal interviews, which take place on Monday and Thursday evenings, each team welcomes four candidates at a time for fifteen minutes. While two prospects discuss their games with the coaching staff, two others discuss their games with scouts. “The coaches are the ones who get to keep the football—”How astute are they? What are they aware of?’ The (background) is explained in more detail to our scouts.”
  • Schoen’s objective is to provide the head coach with “exposure” to every prospect listed on the draught board. This will be accomplished through 30 in-house visits, the Senior Bowl, and the Combine.
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