What Will Travel be like post-pandemic?

What Will Travel be like post-pandemic?
What Will Travel be like post-pandemic?

The possibility of travel opening up as of now seems to be a remote possibility. However, once it does open up in the future it is bound to be very different from what it was prior to the pandemic.

The major changes that can happen will be:


  • Longer Immigration queues where we will have to answer additional questions on our travel history and health.


  • Additional documents will be needed We will need to carry additional documents and it will be more than just a passport. Vaccination records will play a big role, and those vaccinated will be welcomed more.
 What Will Travel be like post-pandemic?

                                                                                             What Will Travel be like post-pandemic?
  • Travel will be costlier in certain seasons. This will be done to deter people from traveling unnecessarily in certain periods. The fares will be raised during the mass travel times, to reduce the risk of infection. Since people may not have the money for high fares, they won’t travel during the normal mass travel periods and that’s how the spread will be contained.


  • The foreigners coming in will be scrutinized very carefully for their purpose and vaccination records, health, and travel history will be looked into in detail. Likewise, for Indians traveling abroad the checks will be stricter.


  • Your packing style will change.  You will count hand sanitizers, masks, PPE Kits, and other COVID-related essentials as an integral part of your daily life and very essential.


  • You will be very wary of your fellow travelers – if anybody sneezes or has a common cold also, they will be most unwelcome and passengers will be unwilling to sit next to somebody who is coughing or sneezing.  Travelers will become more careful and be on their guard. 


  • Social distancing and other COVID protocols even after the end of this phase will be followed for a long time to come.


While any normalization of National and International travel seems a far cry one must contemplate what could be in store for us in our future travel.

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