While bookings are at an all time high Airbnb stock price has fallen sharply

While bookings are at an all time high Airbnb stock price has fallen sharply

While bookings are at an all time high Airbnb stock price has fallen sharply, Airbnb’s second-quarter profitability topped expectations and the company’s revenue was in line with forecasts. Additionally, the corporation has announced a $2 billion share repurchase program.

Despite what appeared to be a great quarter, shares fell by approximately 9 percent after hours, indicating that Wall Street was expecting higher growth and a revenue beat. Flight cancellations at the end of the quarter also had an influence on the company’s financial results, according to the company statement.

This is a list of the most important numbers:

  • According to Refinitiv, earnings per share were $0.56 compared to analysts’ expectations of $0.43.
  • According to Refinitiv, revenue was $2.10 billion instead of the predicted $2.11 billion.

Like Uber, Airbnb saw a surge in consumer spending on activities, rather than commodities, as a result of the economic recovery. To put this in perspective, revenue grew 58% year-over-year, bringing in $2.1 billion in profit. Still, sales grew at a slower rate than they did in the first quarter of 2020 when they jumped 70 percent.

In the most recent quarter, Airbnb made $379 million in net income, up from a loss of $68 million a year earlier.

According to the corporation, it was able to become leaner and more focused during the height of the epidemic because of the tightening of spending and the ongoing evolution of travel. But it wasn’t completely safe from a sudden increase in airline cancellations.

Airbnb CFO Dave Stephenson remarked on a conference call with investors that “we did observe some elevated cancellations in the back of the quarter compared to our forecast.” There was an increase in flight cancellations in North America at the end of Q2 of 2022, which we assume was caused by aircraft cancellations around the world.

Despite obstacles from currency swings, such as the sinking euro against the dollar, Airbnb expects record revenues in the third quarter. Street Account had predicted revenue of $2.77 billion, but the company now expects it to be between $2.78 and $2.88 billion, putting it slightly ahead of the consensus. On July 4, the company said that it had broken a single-day revenue record, which it believes indicates a healthy summer.

In the second quarter of this year, Airbnb stated that more than 103 million nights and experiences had been reserved. Street Account estimates put the amount at 106.4 million nights and experiences, which is the company’s greatest quarterly number ever.

In the second quarter, gross booking value, which Airbnb uses to track host revenues, service fees, cleaning fees, and taxes, reached $17 billion, a 27% year-over-year increase. The first-quarter increase of 67% was surpassed in the second quarter.

While many businesses are ordering their staff back to the office, Airbnb’s fastest-growing sector remained long-term stays, where guests stay in a house for at least 28 days.

An increase in cross-border gross night bookings of more than twice the previous year’s same-quarter level was reported by the corporation.

Compared to pre-pandemic levels, the average daily charge in 2019 jumped 40% to $164. A year ago, that figure was up 7%, ignoring the effects of currency movements. On a year-over-year basis, the business expects ADR to be unchanged in the third quarter.

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