Why Entrepreneurs Must Embrace Social Media as per Zeinab Mehdi Poor

The digital realm has allowed entrepreneurs to scale their businesses beyond their wildest dreams. All it takes is the belief that your target audience may lie outside of your physical sights and the dedication to make it happen. By embracing a creative mindset and putting yourself out there, you can harness technology to scale your business and prevent limiting beliefs from sabotaging your goals. Iranian entrepreneur Zeinab Mehdi Poor uniquely understands how entrepreneurs can build their businesses digitally.

Born in Iran and currently residing in Turkey, Zeinab is a woman on a mission. With a background in accounting and a passion for social media, Zeinab has helped brands and companies expand their reach in unique and engaging ways. “Brands have to adapt to digital mediums and ditch traditional methods to capture their audience’s attention,” says Zeinab. “Social media growth is all about engagement and keeping your audience interested.”

Zeinab understands very well that successful digital marketing relies on a positive reaction from your target audience and how well companies manage it. A self-made millionaire, she continually thinks outside the box as the rules of digital marketing can change at the drop of a hat. “The digital landscape moves so fast, and sometimes you have to think on your feet to stay relevant. Don’t be afraid to use your voice authentically and in the moment,” she explains. “I teach others to unleash their creativity while always being prepared to adapt,” states Zeinab.

R​eaching, your target audience is one thing, but to achieve any results, that audience must be engaged and interested in your brand. Zeinab explains that having an invested target audience means building your brand on trust. “It all starts with trust,” says Zeinab. “If you don’t you’re your audience’s trust; you have nothing to monetize. If you have nothing to monetize, you have nothing to scale.” Ultimately, scaling is easy if you’ve built a platform on trust and continually care for it via engagement and feedback. That is where the growth truly lies. 

“By harnessing the digital technology, you can make people share links, comment, tell their friends, and before you know it, your audience has multiplied overnight,” explains Zeinab. “Going viral is no miracle. It takes strategy and one where your audience is front and center.” As per Zeinab, entrepreneurs must adopt a fresh attitude and give a creative spin to lend an outstanding twist in what could be considered a relatively saturated market. By standing out and working hard, Zeinab proves that success is only one post away. 

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