Why is Arsenal so good and what to expect from the team at the end of the season?

Why is Arsenal so good and what to expect from the team at the end of the season?

Arsenal started this season with 4 wins in 4 matches. Mikel Arteta has made his team even more varied and dominant after a great transfer window. But how has Arsenal changed? What problems may arise and what to expect at the end of the season?

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How has Arsenal changed?

Arsenal have had an impressive transfer window without a doubt. The club was replenished: Alexander Zinchenko, Fabio Vieira, Gabriel Jesus, and the wonderful William Saliba returned from the loan. But what and how did the newcomers bring to the game?

  1. Gabriel Jesus

Last season, Arsenal lacked a scoring nine. Alexandre Lacazette was certainly good, but not in the end. Most of the goals were scored by wingers and attacking midfielders. As a result, Arsenal was the only one from the top 6 to score less in goals. The Frenchman was replaced by Gabriel Jesus in London, who was severely limited by Guardiola last season and finally became a flank player. Arteta put Gabriel in the center of the attack and untied his hands. Jesus spent the entire preseason, where he was the brightest player on the team. Gabi’s success also carried over to the Premier League. In 4 matches, the Brazilian made 5 assists, was very good in promotion and formed a link with Martinelli. 

  1. Alexander Zinchenko

An equally important transfer was Zinchenko, and to be more precise, the variability that the Ukrainian brought to Arsenal. Here Arteta decided to play on the fact that Alexander’s native position is a central midfielder. When attacking, Zinchenko moves to the center of midfield, and when defending, he returns to the position of the left winger. If you’re wondering what inversions are for, let me know in the comments. As a result, Zinchenko added variability to Arsenal and, of course, strengthened it.

  1. William Saliba

Last season, spent at Marseille, definitely benefited the Frenchman. In «League 1»  William won the prize for the best young player and left only pleasant memories of himself. Having moved to the Premier League, the 21-year-old defender fully played all 4 matches and even scored a wonderful goal against Bournemouth. It looks like a pair of Saliba-Gabriel will now play in the center of defense at the Emirates.

What can go wrong?

  1. Traumatic Partey

Arsenal beat: Chelsea, Manchester United, West Ham and Leeds. The Gunners are on the 4th line, 4 points ahead of Tottenham. But we all remember what happened next. The absence of Thomas Partey affected Arsenal, and the club lost to Tottenham and Newcastle, missing out on a ticket to the Champions League. Arsenal have only one defensive midfielder and that is Thomas Partey. If the midfielder is relegated, there will be no substitution. India Clean Sweep Their Way to a 3-0 Win Against Zimbabwe

Short bench

If we compare Arsenal with City, Chelsea and Tottenham, the Gunners’ bench will be shorter. Arsenal will fight on 3 fronts. But how? A long bench is the key to success and stability at a distance. Who will replace Jesus? And Ramsdale? Nevertheless, the clip is being systematically strengthened, but there is simply no second player for some positions.

What to expect from the season?

Arsenal have become a more balanced team over the summer. It’s too early to talk about the fight for the championship, but Arteta’s team must fight for the 4th line. Competitors are also strengthening and progressing. The fight will not be easy, but I believe in them. This is the strongest «Arsenal»  Wenger left and it is certainly interesting to follow. If they are not tormented by injuries, then they should continue to dominate the Premier League.

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