Why Warnock’s victory in Georgia vs Walker was so impressive

Why Warnock's victory in Georgia vs Walker was so impressive
Why Warnock’s victory in Georgia vs Walker was so impressive

Why Warnock’s victory in Georgia vs Walker was so impressive: Most of the time, Georgia Republicans had a successful election year. In 2022, there were nine statewide elections in the Peach State, and GOP candidates easily won eight. Georgia voters re-elected nine Republicans to the U.S. House easily; they also gave Republican candidates the governor’s office, the state House, and the state Senate.

GOP officials had good reason to reflect on the state’s political climate the day following Election Day last month, despite all the talk about Georgia turning “purple.”

Even if we ignore the scandals, astonishing dishonesty, and cringe-inducing stupidity, Walker’s motivation for running for office and his plans for the Senate seat were never quite obvious. He made no guarantees. He did not express many preferences. He never genuinely desired to do any significant job while running for a high-ranking position. He appeared to believe he was running for a House seat as recently as last week.

Herschel was like a plane crash into a train wreck that rolled into a dumpster fire, one GOP operative said after his defeat, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. An orphanage, too. Then a shelter for animals. You essentially had to watch it while squinting through one eye.

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There will be a lot of criticism of Donald Trump for a good cause.

The former president published a written statement on March 10, 2021, attracting much attention. Wouldn’t it be incredible if Georgia’s renowned Herschel Walker ran for the Senate? Added Trump. He would be unstoppable, just like in the NFL and playing for the Georgia Bulldogs. And he’s a great guy. Herschel, run away!

This influenced Walker to relocate to Georgia, start a campaign, and eliminate legitimate rivals. Trump is deserving of all the criticism he is already receiving after similar defeats for Senate candidates supported by Trump in Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Alaska.

The margin ought to have been greater.

Although Warnock’s hard-fought victory was stunning, common sense implies the margin might have—and should have—been substantially greater given the clear contrasts in the candidates’ qualifications.

It still says something terrible about our country and our politics, according to my MSNBC colleague Jarvis DeBerry, that someone as eminently disqualified and dishonest as Walker even won his party’s primary, to say nothing of the fact that he ran as well as he did.

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