Woman pukes outside insurance office after being denied treatment for persistent vomiting

Woman pukes outside insurance office after being denied treatment for persistent vomiting

Woman pukes outside insurance office after being denied treatment for persistent vomiting. A woman in the United States is accused of throwing up multiple times outside of a health insurance office after the office allegedly refused to cover the cost of a procedure that would alleviate her ailment of persistent vomiting.

Sandy Honig, a comedian, decided to record herself protesting the decision in front of an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield office and then upload the video to YouTube. In the video, she can be seen vomiting and gagging.

In the video that has since gone viral, the creator and star of the show Three Busy Debras claimed that she needed medical care because she suffers from gastroparesis, a disorder that prevents the stomach from emptying normally.

Botox injections to the pyloric sphincter, which is the muscle that connects the stomach to the small intestine, is one of the treatments that can alleviate her symptoms. Although the condition cannot be cured, there are several treatments that can alleviate her symptoms. One of these treatments is that she will vomit “almost everything” she eats.

Honig alleged that Anthem did not provide coverage for the necessary treatment, despite the fact that it would significantly improve her quality of life.

As a response, she went to the company’s headquarters in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, where she began vomiting blood after being denied entry as she was trying to deliver a letter.

After that, Honig held conversations with two more persons outside the workplace before painting the pavement a hue that was somewhere between red and yellow.

The famous television personality remarked, “Nobody would take my letter, but they said I could mail it with any necessary paperwork,” as she vomited up into the envelope. “They said I could ship it with any relevant documentation,” she said.

According to Honig, Anthem contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to conduct a wellness check on her, citing the following in the video that was three minutes long: “It was such a pleasant surprise to get a visit from two men armed with guns and batons in my own home. The men came to my house to question me about some suspicious activity.

“It’s great to know that you still care, even though you won’t provide me with the necessary medical care,” the patient said.

According to a small preview of the police record from 19 January that she showed in the video, it includes the terms ‘conducted a wellness check’ and ‘poss 5150,’ which is a police term used in the US to denote placing someone in an involuntary psychiatric hold. This term is used in the US.

In addition to that, it appeared to have the contact information for the Department of Mental Health for Los Angeles County.

She made a witty remark like this: “To heck with it. He gave me a call back and went over the reasons why they do not consider a Botox injection in my stomach to be a requirement from a medical standpoint.

“I just turned 30, and I want the inside of my stomach to look younger than it actually is,” she said. “I guess now is the time for me to accept that it IS cosmetic.”

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