World class sales and marketing company – Revcarto, launched by Chris Davis and co-founder Jason Bramble

Chris Davis
Chris Davis

Born and brought up in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, Chris Davis established a name for himself in pole vaulting and jumping hurdles. In his early years in school, he took part in the Upper Darby High School’s field and track events. Chris Davis received recognition as an outstanding school athlete. Chris was however also interested in graphic and fine art. Chris joined East Stroudsburg to run track which he continued for 2 years. He then decided to change gears and redirect his attention to campus organizations.

Chris Davis
                                                                                                  Chris Davis

Chris did not score high grades, but he performed excellently in any job and internship. After passing out from college, Chris started working at Comcast HQ in Philadelphia, Center City. Chris was employed as a media specialist and his work involved him working in retail and the sales department. This job proved crucial for his success, since he networked brilliantly and widened his l reach and made many contacts. Working for a multibillion-dollar company taught him the nuances of leadership. He then went on to launch Revcarto, with the goal of helping businesses align with each other, enhance the compatibility of their teams and help in implementing better systems. In just one year, the company bagged three reputed clients and is poised to grow further. The company is also growing its’ team to manage the growing client base and offer excellent service. The digital marketing services of the company reiterates that one need not do it on your own, the team will help its client, meet the marketing and sales goals. The campaign management services drive ROI through Content asset creation, Paid Ad Campaigns, list segmentation for workflows and email campaign development. The other valuable and unique services include revenue operations, sales and marketing alignment, SEO and content development, workflow automation and reporting and insights.

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