Yash Tuteja demonstrates how good education can produce a CGPSC topper!

Yash Tuteja
Yash Tuteja

A child’s future is decided by the kind of education that they get. Yash Tuteja with a strong conviction in this has established Tuteja Academy Raipur. His academy has produced a CGPSC Topper in Chhattisgarh where his academy is based. A well-educated child can contribute to the betterment of the nation. It helps in achieving personal goals and also contributes towards the bigger objective of the good of the nation. Yash Tuteja, through his successful entrepreneurship, has created some very bright students.

Yash Tuteja’s academy has two branches. One is located in Raipur and the other in Bilaspur. His academy was established in 1991 with the vision of coaching candidates for competitive exams, including civil services. The primary objective of the professors at the institute is to prepare students for the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission (CGPSC.) Yash Tuteja has nurtured the first CGPSC topper from the state.

Yash Tuteja
                                                                        Yash Tuteja

His academy prepares candidates under the expert guidance of professors to emerging successfully in all the competitive exams that they undertake. Yash Tuteja does not focus only on an individual’s success but he along with the team look at the contribution that their candidates will make to the state and the country as a whole. He aims to uplift society through education. He wants to equip individuals with basic knowledge and education. With this noble objective in mind, he has started an NGO which he has named “Aashayein.” 

He also runs another huge business chain “Meenakshi Salon& Academy “that has branches in Bhilai, Bilaspur, and Raipur.

Yash Tuteja and his team at his academy, are keen to impart education through their expert guidance to candidates. They work with a vision and a mission to not only educate the individual but empower them to use their knowledge and skills towards the betterment of the country.


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