YoitsModey’s latest track “Got What I Need” gives a glimpse into his lifestyle


YoitsModey is the new face in the world of fashion and rap. Through his work YoitsModey has shown people that there are no limits for an artist, and one can rise to the top with hard work and dedication. YoitsModey leads a carefree life that is built on hard work and passion. He is dedicated to the grind.

The latest track of YoitsModey “Got What I need’’ has the beat produced by Ojayvibez. It gives us a peek into the kind of lifestyle that he leads and has created for himself. The beat is preppy, warm and infused with pop. Modey’s melodic approach offers the perfect complement for it.


This song sees him embracing all the blessings that come his way. He does not want to prevent his good fortune and that is why he focuses more on his moves in business than on the women who try to win him over. He offers this explanation in his line “Married to the game, now I got a wedding ring.” YoitsModey is recognised for his kindness. The artist is not complacent with the success he has received. He continues to strive and perform his best.

He remembers the days when he had prayed for good fortune and financial freedom which he has in abundance today and expresses his gratitude for the same. He is living his best life and his dreams. He also raps that he is a king straight from Africa and royalty and nobody can have him.

Apart form being a successful name in the world of music YoitsModey is a well-established entrepreneur and a big name in the world of fashion. At the young age of 16 he worked as the Chief Marketing Officer at PocketStarCO a brand that was conceptualized by his brother.

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