Success in the stock market is all about being well informed – Ayush Jain practises this !

stock market trader Ayush Jain
stock market trader Ayush Jain

If you thought that trading and stock markets were best left to the mature and experienced, it’s time to rethink. At the young age of 18, Ayush Jain is a successful trader and self-made entrepreneur.  Just a year ago, at the age of 17, he entered this business and created an early success story.

Ayush Jain says it is most important to learn the process and not keep money making money as the sole aim. Ayush handles the accounts of several people apart from generating his own capital. He works with a strong focus, wealth of knowledge, and determination that is needed in this industry.

stock market trader Ayush Jain
                     Stock market trader Ayush Jain

Young Ayush is very irked by the fact that people feel, that trading and gambling are similar. He says they are definitely not. What sets them apart is when you invest with knowledge that is specific to both industries. For investing in stock markets, good knowledge backed by suitable expertise is needed. You can’t just invest money and expect quick results. A proper strategy has to be followed that depends on well-planned research and study.

Ayush is of the firm opinion that a mentor and guide are needed to oversee your investment. Like any other business, trading too is a business that needs adequate knowledge and skills. A large majority of the people nearly 95 % lose money in trading because they lack the necessary knowledge and skills and just jump into the fray expecting large financial gains, without proper planning.

When Ayush Jain entered the field, he spent enough time learning the techniques of trading before starting the activity. He believes in combining long-term and short-term goals to make money. Ayush Jain today is one of the youngest traders that has made it big in stock market trading!

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