ZHD buys its own shares and selects prime to raise the ratio of shares in circulation

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Z Holdings decided on the 3rd to select the highest prime market in the TSE’s market reorganization, and to raise the distribution stock ratio to the listing maintenance standard, stock repurchase and stock acquisition rights Announced that it has decided to issue.


The treasury stock will be tendered from December 10th to January 13th, 2022, up to 103 million shares and 68.2 billion yen. All A Holdings, which owns 65.25%, will apply. In addition, 103,000 stock acquisition rights (103 million potential shares) will be issued on January 4, and when exercised, the acquired treasury stock will be applied.


Furthermore, the company will cancel 0.79% of the total number of issued shares, and will increase the ratio of shares in circulation by 33.9% to meet the listing maintenance standard of 35%.


The purchase price of the company’s shares is planned to be 663 yen per share. If the 6% discount is less than 663 yen from the closing price on December 8th, the day before the final decision by the board of directors, that price will be applied.

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