5 Timeless Design Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Style

5 Timeless Design Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Style

5 Timeless Design Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Style: With so many different interior design styles popping up today and tomorrow no wonder you might be caught up in a constant chase for decorating fads. But how do you create a home that never goes out of style? For starters, always bear in mind that all trends in interior design have an average cycle of 10 years. The latter implies that even though you are following the freshest trend now, it is likely to get old in about a decade.

To get out of this Samsara cycle of swiftly shifting trends, stick to the classic interior design. Linen, marble, natural wood, crispy-white slipcovers, and classic glassware, are just some of the timeless design pieces. In case you’ve been thinking lately of transitioning to a more classic and budget-friendly interior, follow some of these simple interior design tricks to keep your home always on point. 

1. Coffee table

Trends come and go, but accent tables are meant to stay forever. Little marble drink tables not only give your room that timeless classy look but are extremely functional too. Depending on their intended purpose, tiny tables are very easy to move around the space.

Apart from being a perfect spot for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, little coffee tables, for example, can be easily transformed into makeshift workspaces in case you need to drop that urgent email right from the comfort of your sofa. End tables with a circular or oval top are great to balance and soften a room in a classy way, while nesting tables will add up some “symmetry with an edge” to any classy-styled home. 

2. Wall art

If drastic redecoration doesn’t fit your current budget, focus on selecting the right types of wall decor. Resort to the artwork that reflects your personality which will eventually make this decor piece classic no matter how long you keep it in your interior. Make sure it tells your story and reminds you of something special like your childhood or your first love.

The best thing about wall art is that you can easily move it around the house and experiment by complementing it with meaningful photos or paintings of your favorite artists. Unlike fast-fashion posters trending these days, artwork bearing a personal message will stand the test of time. 

3. Furniture covers

Details are key when it comes to decorating your home for a classier and custom-made appearance. Reinvent the whole look of your upholstered furniture with slipcovers! Being budget-friendly and easy-to-use sofa slipcovers, throws, and blankets not only serve to protect the costly upholstery from dirt, dust, pets, or stains but still can make a statement in your interior.

Play with textures to give your room more volume with tapestry, velvet, flock, and jacquard fabrics. Define the color palette as per your existing interior, but if you are pursuing a timeless look, it is recommended to opt for slipcovers of warmer, calmer tones as they add that high-end freshness to the room.  A Guide to the Best Concrete Coatings for Your Garage

4. Rattan furniture

Since the early 1970s rattan furniture and decor have gradually shifted into classics making any of these pieces timeless due to natural materials and durability. Another perk of rattan is that it’s usually less expensive than other furniture materials, which is ideal for a little makeover without paying top dollar.

Natural materials such as rattan are less prone to wear while being flexible and bendy giving you plenty of shapes and patterns to be used in your interior. This tropical material brings rich texture to all sorts of decor and looks lovely both indoors and outdoors! To reach that cozy, but still classy look, accessorize with throw pillows or natural rugs.

5. Natural rugs

Apart from being a cozy decor piece, area rugs define the room, add warmth and tie it together. Make your rug the basis of the color scheme in a room. You may also use a rug to accent the existing colors in your house and make them pop. Regardless of what your choice will be, rugs always feel classic! In case you want your rug to last longer, opt for natural fiber rugs.

There is a whole variety of available materials such as sisal, bamboo, sea grass, or jute to choose from. Besides, if you are searching for a rug with a high-traffic space in mind, jute rugs are perfect for masking unsightly stains as they are easy to vacuum or clean with mild soapy water. 

Guess, you’re all set to start experimenting with your interior! With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll reach that beautiful and functional classy look effortlessly. Try them out!

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