6 Thoughtful Condolence Gifts

6 Thoughtful Condolence Gifts

Life is Hard, Gifts Can Help

A sympathy gift could be a card or it could be a pony; different situations and people have different needs. There’s a range to consider here. Think about this: some people don’t even want friends or family to celebrate their birthday. Others would be crushed if the whole world didn’t revolve around them for a day.

Everybody is different. With that in mind, following we’ll explore six condolence gifts to help you make the best choice for the person in your life who is going through something.

  1. Comfort Food Has its Place

    There’s a time to buy chocolates, beef jerky, frozen snacks, cake, donuts, or whatever sort of “comfort food” your hurting friend will legitimately enjoy. This is a little gift that can have a big impact, and usually won’t be received in the wrong spirit. Of course, for someone who is exceptionally health-conscious, this may not be a good gift. Buy for the person.

  2. A Change of Pace: Take Them Somewhere

    Grief happens to everyone, and it tends to rest in the locales which remind us of the loss. Travel can help, because it sort of resets the mind by introducing new opportunities to think about things that aren’t sad. It helps someone forget more safely than controlled substances, or something extreme. As a condolence gift, maybe take someone on a trip.

3. Flowers Are A Classic, Excellent Option

Flowers Are A Classic, Excellent OptionFlowers aren’t too much, and they’re not too little. They’re one of those “just right” options that tend to fit almost any situation. They’re best as a gift for someone you’re close to, but if you’re not that close, they can be a good move as well. Check out the following for tips to help you send condolence flowers in the best way possible.

  1. Your Time: Don’t Respond, Only Listen

    This one is “within reason”, of course. You should certainly respond when someone feeling pain is talking directly to you. However, don’t act like you know what they’re going through, don’t tell some anecdote of a similar situation in your life. They’re in the midst of it, and they don’t want to feel sad. But they feel sad anyway. They can’t help it.

You telling them how you got through whatever you got through isn’t going to help them a bit. In fact, it will make them feel worse even if they have a good disposition. Let them talk, listen, and only speak to show you’re following along with them. Sometimes you just want to sit there in silence with them. Your presence can be a comfort. This is the gift of time.

5. Something to Memorialize a Lost Loved One

A collage, a laser-carved crystal cube, a video you’ve edited together, a photo album, maybe a keepsake; anything that hearkens back to someone who has been lost can be worthwhile. This is a very considerable condolence gift for a lost loved one that was elderly, or already in hospice. It can work for sudden losses, too. It depends on the grieving person.

  1. Something Big, Within Reason, Purchased Strategically

    If you have a family member or a friend who has experienced a huge loss, you could buy them a huge gift; but be careful about that, too. A puppy or a kitten is actually a good condolence gift, but pets are a big responsibility, and some people are allergic. This is the kind of gift you’ve got to really be strategic about if you’re considering.

Truly Helping Someone Through a Tough Time

Big gifts strategically purchased within reason, memorial gifts, time, flowers, a journey somewhere, and comfort food are all fine gifts for someone that is grieving or has been hurt in another way. Just match the gift to the person, and really think about what they need at the moment. If you have the right attitude, you’ll always get the right gift. 300 Relationship Quotes Celebrating Real Love

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