The Real Amish: Marriage & Life Without Cars, Internet, or Dancing

The Real Amish: Marriage & Life Without Cars, Internet, or Dancing

The Real Amish: Marriage & Life Without Cars, Internet, or Dancing: Anyone who has known or encountered an Amish knows they are more interested in some kind of “simple” and “natural” life. They do not have cars; they use only a horse-drawn carriage. There is no electricity in their houses. But what many people do not know is that the Amish lifestyle is closely related to their religious beliefs. Their commitment to God is why they live in such a unique way. And many even wonder how many wives can Amish have. The Amish believe that God has given them a special mission in life. And their faith compels them to live a simple and humble life, which includes rejecting modern technology.

Amish Dating

The Amish do not date. They marry for life.

To find a spouse, the Amish hold a “singing,” an event where young men and women meet face-to-face and begin to get to know each other. Singings usually happen in barns or other large buildings that can accommodate many people. A song leader will lead the group singing; couples will dance together while everyone watches them. There is no music during the dancing—just clapping and whistling from the crowd.

Afterward, the families will discuss whether they want their children to start courting each other. If both parents agree, they will start dating after this event ends. Dating consists of going out with your future spouse in public places like restaurants or on walks around town—with chaperones present at all times!

Suppose both sets of parents give consent for their children to start courting. In that case, they will spend time together alone for their relationship to grow stronger before making any commitments such as marriage vows or cohabitation (living together).

Age at Which Amish Marry

The average age at which Amish marry is 21 for women and 23 for men. While some couples wait until they’re older, most Amish couples marry young. This is because the Amish community expects young adults to marry after their Rumspringa, or time of exploration and freedom, has ended.


Amish couples are required to marry when they are young. The Amish church depends on biological reproduction rather than proselytizing. Females tend to relocate out of the district because males usually inherit the family farm. Despite being confined to church members, young people do not always marry relatives. High inbreeding in the Amish population is not due to first-cousin marriages but intermarriages within a genetically isolated group.

Weddings require baptism. Before a pastor announces a wedding, courtship is secret. A wedding is a public event that benefits the entire community. Members of the congregation regard the marriage as an end to a sometimes boisterous adolescence and look forward to future Amish-raised children. Guests give household gifts; parents may provide livestock, furniture, and equipment.

Where a newlywed couple lives depend on their ability to farm. This may involve working in a factory until they save enough to buy a farm. If the couple stays on the family farm, their parents may retire to a separate residence and leave farm management to them. Divorce and separation aren’t part of Amish norms for church-based behavior.

Can Amish Men Have Multiple Wives?

In the Amish community, men are allowed to have only one wife. This is because it is believed that a man and a woman should be together for life. Divorces are not common in this culture, and even if they happen, the children will always remain with their mother and father.

The Amish believe marriage is a sacred bond that cannot be broken. They believe that God created marriage as a way of staying together forever. The Bible also states that it is wrong for someone to simultaneously have more than one wife or husband.

This would mean that it is wrong for an Amish man to have more than one wife at any given time because there are no exceptions to this rule in their religion.

Family Life

The Amish believe in having strong family ties and spending much time together. The Amish also believe in being honest and treating others with respect. This means that when community members break these rules, they receive punishment from their peers and their families. The Amish live in rural communities, and each has its traditions and customs. Some communities have stricter rules than others, but all follow equal marriage and family life guidelines.

Refusing to Use Technology

The Amish believe they should not try to improve God’s creation. To them, this means that technology is not always a good thing because it distracts us from the essential things in life. For example, the Amish do not use electricity or cars because these things take time away from family members and friends who need to spend more time together.

Because of these beliefs about technology, most Amish families live simple lives without cars or internet access at home (though some do use computers at work). They do not go out to dinner often because it takes too much money away from other family needs, like paying for food at home or school tuition fees for their children’s education. WHAT ARE SOME HUSBAND HURTING WIFE QUOTES

Prohibited from Dance or Party

Dancing is considered one of their culture’s biggest sins because they believe it is a distraction from God. They also think that dancing makes people more attracted to each other and makes them more likely to have sex before marriage. Most Amish do not have any form of entertainment, such as television or radio, in their homes because they feel it would distract them from living a life devoted to God.

Final Thoughts

The Amish have an effortless way of life. Yet, their quality of life can often exceed that of Americans who live in multimillion-dollar homes and are constantly bogged down by their overabundance. They aren’t overly concerned with material possessions but rather focus on the contentment of themselves and their family. They’ve found the secret to happiness; because of this, they should be an extreme example for all of us to follow. You’ll leave with a better sense of respect for this culture and an appreciation for the magnificence of their daily lives.

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