How Do I Cancel Leonardo AI Subscription? Must-Try Methods!

How Do I Cancel Leonardo AI Subscription? Must-Try Methods!

Is the Leonardo AI application secure to employ? Well!! Without a doubt, the answer is yes. However, some individuals continue to voice their desire to terminate their Leonardo AI subscription because of privacy concerns. For this reason, you have arrived. 

Leonardo AI Tool may interest you if you have a greater interest in fashion, graphic design, and marketing. It generates exquisite projects or designs for your domain or advertisement. 

To terminate your Leonardo AI subscription, you can do so through your account online or by contacting their customer support team. 

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This article details the most effective procedures for canceling a Leonardo subscription. Therefore, should you be intrigued to learn more about them, we should proceed. 

Plans for Leonardo AI Subscriptions

There are three distinct subscription programs available for Leonardo Subscription. Refer to the following table for information regarding its subscription programs.

Leonardo AI Plans Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription (Billed Monthly)
Apprentice Plan $12 per month $8 per month
Artisan Plan $30 per month $24 per month
Maestro Plan $60 per month $48 per month

How Can One Online Cancel Leonardo AI Subscription?

To deactivate your account’s Leonardo subscription, adhere to these guidelines.

  • Navigate to the Leonardo website.
  • Enter your credentials to access your Leonardo account.
  • Navigate to the “Account” tab.
  • Proceed to “Subscriptions” next.
  • Under the Subscription Status, click Cancel Subscription.
  • Upon receipt of affirmation, the subscription will be terminated. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Leonardo AI Using The Contact Form?

Cancelling your Leonardo subscription from your account is not possible online. Assistance to terminate the subscription is exclusively available through their customer support team. 

To communicate with the Leonardo Support Team, please complete and forward this Contact Form to them. 

Include your Complete Name, the Message Box, the Reason For Contact, and the Contact Email. The information is transmitted to their team after completing the form and selecting the “Send a Message” option. 

How Do I Email To Cancel My Leonardo Subscription?

Request cancellation of the Leonardo subscription by sending an email to [email protected] addressed to the customer service team. 

Ensure your email contains all the information their team requires to terminate your subscription. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Leonardo AI Through Discord?

Users can discuss any topic on Leonardo’s expansive Discord community, including issues, concerns, or new products. You may also contact their support staff via Discord regarding subscribing cancellation. 

They will then respond to your Discord message with the corresponding solution. This is among the most straightforward and quickest methods for notifying their team of a cancellation request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Refund Possible With Leonardo?

No, remittances for single payments towards Leonardo’s Subscription are not refundable. There will be no partial refunds granted. 

Does Leonardo AI offer free access?

Access to Leonardo’s services is indeed entirely free of charge. However, only a subset of the functionalities of this AI utility are accessible in its free edition. The benefits of the Leonardo Free Version are restricted. 

Is The Leonardo AI Price-Prohibitive?

Indeed, its subscription programs are reasonably priced, rendering them accessible to a broad audience. They will generate numerous image-related benefits for this price. Therefore, it is entirely worthwhile. 

How Do I Communicate With the Leonardo Support Staff?

Contacting Leonardo’s customer service team via the Contact Form or emailing [email protected] is possible should you require further assistance. 

Communicate with Leonardo’s Team via Twitter or Discord via text message. 


We believe this explanation of “how to cancel Leonardo AI subscription” is sufficient to provide clarity. If you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact their customer support department.

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