Bhad Bhabie net worth is revealed as the star claims she made $52 million on onlyfans

Bhad Bhabie net worth is revealed as the star claims she made $52 million on onlyfans

Bhad Bhabie net worth is revealed as the star claims she made $52 million on onlyfans. Bhad Bhabie, an American rapper and Internet star, claims she gained $52 million on the website OnlyFans.

The subscription platform, situated in London, enables content creators to earn money from users who subscribe to and pay for their work. OnlyFans has been synonymous with x-rated and explicit content in recent years.

After some Twitter users suspected she was lying, the social media sensation submitted screenshots to confirm her earnings.

Bhad Bhabie net worth is revealed as the star claims she made $52 million on onlyfans

Fans are now curious as to what her net worth is. Continue reading to discover out.

Bhad Babie Net Worth

The 19-year-old has a net worth of $20 million in 2022, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

This fortune has been amassed as a result of her efforts as a social media celebrity and rapper, as well as her OnlyFans profession. With her debut track These Heaux, she became the youngest female rapper to ever feature on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She subsequently signed with Atlantic Records and has since released numerous chart-topping singles, an EP, her own reality show, a makeup deal, and toured the world.

Star claims she earned $52 million from onlyfans.

The adolescent, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, claimed to have made $52 million on OnlyFans in just one year last week, according to TMZ.

Call me the girl who made $52 million on OnlyFans, she remarked, revealing that she no longer wants to be regarded as the renowned 2016 interviewee who made her famous.

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Then, she shared an image of a receipt from her Instagram Story, revealing that between April 1st, 2021, and April 1st, 2022, her business made a total gross profit of $52 million.

She mentioned Scoop Agency Partners in the post and said, “Thanks @scoopagencypartners couldn’t have done it without u.”

She claimed to have gained $1 million in just six hours when she first joined the platform in April 2021, and an employee of OnlyFans confirmed this to Page Six.

The adolescent recently spent lavishly on a $6.1 million mansion in Florida, purportedly utilizing money from OnlyFans to make the cash purchase.

How she became famous

At the age of 13, Danielle made her television debut on the American talk show Dr. Phil in 2016.

She gave a well-known interview in which she hilariously exclaimed, “Cash me ousside, how bout dah?” It swiftly gained popularity and rose to the top of the list of all-most time’s well-known internet memes and catchphrases.

Bhad Bhabie net worth is revealed as the star claims she made $52 million on onlyfans

Bhad Bhabie revealed to TMZ this week that she no longer wants to be recognized as the girl from the tape.

As she urged people to focus on her accomplishments rather than that one viral moment, she stated, “Call me the youngest female of the decade to go platinum, call me some sh*t like that.”

Facts about Bhad Bhabie

  • Her faint Southern accent and red hair ponytail are her identifying features.
  • Boynton Beach is the home town of Bhabie.
  • Bhad is of American and Italian ancestry.
  • She enjoys watching Zephan Clark and Zach King on television.
  • Bhad’s preferred hues are peach, pink, and purple.
  • This rapper enjoys eating pizza, fries, and hamburgers.
  • Additionally, Bhad enjoys getting new nails twice a week.
  • She was said to have killed herself after appearing on Dr. Phil.
  • Bhad stated that she did not smoke marijuana, however it was implied that she owned marijuana in 2017.
  • The girl was forbidden to say Cash me ousside as she began to reinvent herself as Bhad Bhabie.


Why did Bhad Bhabie become wealthy?

Bhad Bhabie may have first gained notoriety as a combative kid on Dr. Phil, but she is now a multimillionaire rapper and model. The 19-year-old astonished her audience when she stated that since joining the X-rated platform last year, OnlyFans has paid her a stunning $52 million.

On the first day, how much money did Bhad Bhabie make on OnlyFans?

Do you understand what I’m saying? Following her 18th birthday, Bhad Bhabie started her OnlyFans in March of last year. She bragged that she had made more than $1 million on the platform on the first day. The “Hi Bich” rapper’s music has been quiet, despite the fact that her OnlyFans account appears to be flourishing.

What do the OnlyFans girls earn?

The majority of accounts earn less than $145 a month.

Most artists don’t get rich off of OnlyFans. In actuality, the vast majority of them make less than $145 per month.

What OnlyFans has the highest revenue?

Blac Chyna, a model, and television personality was the highest-paid creator on OnlyFans in 2021, earning an estimated $20 million a month, according to the research firm Statista. Bella Thorne, a singer-actor, was ranked No.

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