How Do You Cancel Beautiful AI Pro Subscription?

How Do You Cancel Beautiful AI Pro Subscription?

Are you utilizing the Beautiful AI tool to enhance your presentations’ aesthetic appeal and practicality? However, to cancel Beautiful AI Subscription, you must now adhere to this straightforward procedure. 

Elegant AI is a platform that employs AI methods to generate a visually captivating presentation for your office work, sure to captivate your team members with its captivating appearance. Students may also utilize this instrument for academic presentations. 

You may immediately terminate its subscription by logging into your Beautiful AI Account and downgrading its paid plan to its free equivalent. 

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Want to know more about the processes involved in canceling it? Please read and comprehend the following headings to better understand it. 

Is a Downgrade Possible for Your Beautiful AI Subscription?

Yes, anytime through your account, you may downgrade your Beautiful AI Paid subscription to its free plan. 

However, ensure you downgrade it before your new plan automatically renews and charges you for it again. 

How Do You Cancel Subscription to Beautiful AI Pro?

By following the instructions provided below, one may cancel or downgrade their Beautiful AI Pro subscription:

  • Access the Beautiful AI Login Page on your desktop or laptop and enter your credentials.
  • Select the Profile button.
  • Navigate to the Manage Account link.
  • Select the Billing link.
  • Click the Cancel Plan link. 
  • Your Pro subscription will be downgraded to the Basic Plan as a result.

Your subscription benefits will remain effective until your current paid plan term is concluded. 

How Do I Email To Cancel My Beautiful AI Subscription?

Indeed, as the headline suggests, this is accurate. Additionally, you may contact their customer service team via email to terminate your Beautiful AI subscription. 

Nothing extraordinary is required of you. Merely draft an uncomplicated cancellation email containing the details above and dispatch it to the [email protected] email address associated with their team. 

How Can A Beautiful AI Account Be Deleted?

By following these procedures, you can permanently remove your Beautiful AI account. 

  • Enter your credentials to access the Beautiful AI account.
  • Select the Profile Icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Select the Manage Account link.
  • Select the My Profile link.
  • Proceed towards the end of the My Profile tab.
  • Stop scrolling and click the icon labelled “Delete My Account.”
  • Input your email address within the adjacent window.
  • Once more, tap Delete to affirm your selection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Refund Policy for Beautiful AI?

Monthly subscriptions purchased from Beautiful AI are non-refundable. However, a partial refund is available if the annual plan is canceled within twenty-four hours of its inception. 

For a refund inquiry, please get in touch with their support staff at [email protected]

Is Beautiful AI a free trial service provider?

The Beautiful AI platform provides a 14-day free trial to all new users. 

What is the cost of a subscription to Beautiful AI?

Their subscription programs for $12 per month (individual) and $40 per month/user (team) provide access to an excellent workspace. To acquire their Enterprise plan, please initiate communication with their support staff. 

How Can Customer Service At Beautiful AI Be Contacted?

For inquiries regarding their support team, please submit them via email to [email protected].


As such, you can easily cancel your Beautiful AI subscription, as described previously. Should you prefer not to undertake the task independently, you may seek assistance from their team. 

Their team will solely guide the cancellation process. Well!! Nevertheless, the decision remains yours. 

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