Ezgi Eren opines on how social media can be used for meaningful contributions for image building

Ezgi Eren
Ezgi Eren

In today’s online world, any business, company, product, service individual, etc has a social media account. People search online first and then actually get to meet the person or try out the service of the company. A good and successful online presence is very crucial these days. Social media producer and manager, Ezgi Eren, is very vocal about the fact that a good social media presence can make a person and a bad social media presence can break a person. Ezgi Eren has been a popular social media expert for more than 9 years. Her work portfolio includes the best brands in fashion, beauty, and entertainment. The prestigious events Ezgi Eren has been associated with are – Golden Globes, The Met Ball, the Academy Awards, New York Fashion week amongst a host of other popular and reputed events.

 Ezgi Eren
                                              Ezgi Eren

Social media according to Ezgi Eren offers a huge reach and in the absence of face-to-face interaction, brands and people must engage in a good social media presence. In the new normal, when brands and individuals were observing the social distancing and lockdown protocols, an online presence was what drew people and brands together.

Instagram has a huge visual reach so a carefully curated Instagram presence can work wonders for brands and celebrities. Tik Tok permits creativity and good content promotion which also enhances the reach. Ezgi Eren’s personal favorite is content that gives a glimpse of a day in the life of a celebrity or individual. Building online communities for brands is very important. Brands must encourage and accept both positive as well as negative online comments.

Consistency according to Ezgi Eren is important to shape a brand or an individual’s image. Social media is acquiring more and more importance and good content creation is very important.

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