Google announces funding for two full-time staff to develop and maintain Linux kernel security

After becoming a platinum member of the Linux Foundation, Google today announced once again that it will fund two full-time staff so that they can develop and maintain the Linux kernel security with peace of mind. The two full-time staff, Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor, are funded by Google to ensure the sustainable development of this globally widely used open source software project in the coming decades.



As of August2020 statistics, Linux has more than 20,000 contributors and more than 1 million submissions. Although there are tens of thousands of Linux kernel developers, they often don’t pay much attention to security. Therefore, Google has funded all the expenses of two Linux security maintainers this time, marking the importance of security in the sustainable and sustainable development of open source software.


Dan Lorenc, a Google employee software engineer, said: “At Google, security is always the top priority. We understand the key role that security plays in the sustainability of open source software. We are honored to support Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor in their enhancements. Efforts on Linux kernel security”.


Chancellor’s work will focus on diversion and repair of all bugs found by the Clang/LLVM compiler, and at the same time, it is committed to establishing a continuous integration system to support this work. Once these goals are established, he plans to start using these compiler techniques to add functionality and polish to the kernel.

Chancellor has been working on the Linux kernel for four and a half years. Two years ago, Chancellor began to contribute to the mainline Linux under the ClangBuiltLinux project, which is a collaborative project that allows the Linux kernel to be built with Clang and LLVM compiler tools.

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