How Can You Cancel Your Stack TV Subscription?

How Can You Cancel Your Stack TV Subscription?

Even though watching TV programs, movies, and web series on OTT platforms is undoubtedly entertaining, it is also time-consuming. If you have already subscribed to STACKTV but wish to discontinue your membership, let us assist you in the cancellation process.

How Can You Cancel Your Stack TV Subscription? STACKTV is an exceptionally well-liked streaming service in Canada. Platforms such as Amazon Prime, Rogers, and FuboTV offer it. Its immense popularity stems from the fact that it is the only channel in Canada to provide live and on-demand programming from sixteen premier broadcast networks.

We know that your presence here signifies your decision to terminate your subscription. To end your STACKTV subscription, please contact the platform via which you originally purchased it. 

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How Do I Cancel STACKTV Online Using Amazon Prime?

To terminate your STACKTV subscription via Amazon Prime, please visit, log in to your account, and proceed with the instructions provided below:

  • Navigate to the subscriptions and memberships page.
  • Select the subscription that you wish to terminate from the Manage Subscriptions menu.
  • A link appears beneath advanced controls; clicking it will take you to the primary subscription page. 
  • You may terminate your subscription from that page.
  • You are granted uninterrupted access until the renewal date when your subscription expires. Additionally, you retain the freedom to terminate your subscription at any time without incurring any early termination fees.

How Do I cancel the STACKTV Using Fubotv?

You can effortlessly cancel your STACKTV subscription through Fubotv by following a few straightforward procedures.

Acquire the TV remote.

Engage the star keypad.

Navigate to the desired channel via the menu.

Select Subscription Management

Select subscription cancellation

A notification will be presented on the screen specifying the remaining period you can access your subscription.

How Do I Cancel Rogers STACKTV?

Rogers customers desiring assistance with the cancellation procedure may contact a customer service representative directly at (1 877) 457-7592 to terminate their STACKTV subscription.

You must communicate with them to resolve this matter; they will provide you with comprehensive information regarding account modifications and the expiration date of your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How To Cancel The Free Trial Of Stack TV In Canada?

Upon completion of the free trial, new consumers of Stack TV will be required to pay for a subscription. At any time, you may terminate the complimentary trial through their website.

How Do I Cancel My Amazon Prime Video Subscription?

Select the Prime video-only subscription from the account preferences menu, then click the Terminate subscription link.  


Stack TV has a program for every member of the household; you can stream anything at any time, including live and on-demand programming from broadcast networks. You can terminate your StackTV subscription anytime by following the instructions in this article.

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