Humanitarian Aid for India during the COVID Crisis – Dr. Rimona Sengupta mobilises her UK network

Dr. Rimona Sengupta
Dr. Rimona Sengupta

News of India reeling under the massive second wave of the COVID-19 crisis became a burning topic for coverage. This major crisis was reported both by the International and National media. The crisis covered a shortage of hospital beds and a lack of oxygen, just to name a few key ones. Like many others watching this the world over, Dr. Rimona Sengupta got very disturbed. The deaths and devastation caused by the deadly virus in India were a grave cause of concern. She made up her mind to take concrete measures to help Indian citizens in the third week of April 2020.

Dr. Rimona Sengupta
                                Dr. Rimona Sengupta

Dr. Rimona Sengupta in the UK had two distinct advantages: her medical expertise and her huge social network. Her initiative culminated in procuring home monitoring devices and portable oxygen concentrators. Dr. Rimona Sengupta received overwhelming support from her contacts. She had started a fundraiser with a nominal target of £750. In London, she was working as a primary care medical practitioner. She wanted to utilize her GP experience from St. Stephen’s Health center located in East London where she was responsible for monitoring stable patients in-home care during the first and second COVID – 19 waves. Many of her colleagues and staff members donated to raise funds for oxygen concentrators. The amount collected was enough to place bulk orders for nebulizers, oxygen concentrators along with oxygen tubing, and masks, and pulse oximeters. These items could help patients recover at home and free crucial hospital beds for those who needed them more. Rapid Antigen testing kits were ordered by Dr. Rimona  Sengupta and shipped to India. A what’s app group titled Vandana Khurana was created which soon became a 260 strong member group of Indians in the UK. This group was very active in addressing the issues and concerns of people who needed help in India. 

 Humanity came to the fore on many occasions. from different quarters, during the pandemic including the UK. 


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