Kumar Sanu doesn’t believe that nepotism has a role in arts

Kumar Sanu doesn't believe that nepotism has a role in arts

It was June 2020 when talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput passed away. His death caused a lot of controversies and debates within and outside Bollywood. Netizens claimed Nepotism in Bollywood to be one of the causes of his death. For the unaware, the actual cause of his death is yet being investigated by the top police officials. So what is Nepotism all about? Nepotism means when an actor or director launches his son or daughter in Bollywood, thus leading to many other talented and hard-working actors or artists lose an opportunity into the film industry because of the star kids.

Legendary singer Kumar Sanu, however, is of a different opinion. He said that he thinks nepotism doesn’t actually benefit anyone’s career and there are many examples of actors, singers, and directors who have famous parents in the industry but still aren’t successful in their careers.

Kumar Sanu doesn't believe that nepotism has a role in artsKumar Sanu says that art is all about talent. He encourages others to recognize that talent in them and then comes the number of hard work and luck. If one is not a good artist then many opportunities and support would just fail to help the person to make a mark in the industry in the long run.

People who keep criticizing the industry insiders and how they are successful in life fail to realize that it’s because of their talent and the way they connect with the audience that helps them get work in the industry.

Kumar Sanu said even he faced many challenges when he was new to the industry and was an outsider when he started his career. However, not everyone’s journey can be the same and it is all about the hard work and dedication to stick to your passion and commitment that matters in life.

Kumar Sanu will be soon singing in some film sings and also has some single albums to be released in the coming future.

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