Rafael Nadal cries over Roger Federer’s retirement.

Rafael Nadal cries over Roger Federer's retirement.

Rafael Nadal cries over Roger Federer’s retirement. When it was all over, neither Roger Federer nor Rafael Nadal were able to contain their emotions and shed tears.

It’s possible that the music, with Ellie Goulding, a British singer, bringing a memorable night in London to a close, was what stirred the emotions. If not the music, then perhaps it was the memories, with these tennis greats having a wealth of experiences in common that were brought to the forefront of people’s minds.

Both Nadal and his buddy and greatest opponent sobbed together as they watched the match at the O2 Arena on Friday night. A final standing ovation was given to Federer, and the crowd shouted out his name as they hugged and congratulated him. It was quite clear that the legendary Swiss player had played his last game in his professional career.

They have a combined total of 42 grand slam victories to their name (Federer 20, Nadal 22).

In spite of their heated competition on the court, Federer and Nadal continue to be good friends; in fact, Federer chose Nadal to be his doubles partner for his final tournament. Fans referred to the duo as “Fedal” to show their appreciation for their collaboration.

Nadal, who is 36 years old, recently commented to the press that he believes their “personal relationship” improves “every year” and “on a daily basis.” “I believe that ultimately, we both recognize that there are many aspects of our lives that are comparable to one another.

It’s likely that we have a similar attitude to life ” On the court, our playing styles are diametrically opposed to one another, which is likely what makes our competitions and our rivalry one of the largest and most exciting there is “quite proud to have had even a small role in his professional success. But I’m especially glad that we got to finish our careers as friends after all the heated competition we had on the court.”

“It does feel to me like a party or a celebration. I hoped that by the time it was through, I would have a feeling like this, and because it is just what I desired, I must express my gratitude “he expressed his feelings during an emotional on-court address.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better trip, and if I had the chance, I would do it all over again.”

Federer thanked his wife, Mirka, for her support as well, who is 41 years old.

“The young and the old are both presents at this gathering. My wife has been a wonderful source of support. She had the ability to stop me a very, very long time ago but she chose not to, “said Federer.

“It’s incredible how she kept me going and let me play because she allowed me to. I am grateful.”

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