What time of the day is ideal for exercising?

What time of the day is ideal for exercising?
What time of the day is ideal for exercising?

We all know that exercising is good for your health and must be adopted as a daily practice but how many of us know or have wondered on what is the best time to exercise? For good metabolic health, the time of the day does matter.

Studies have shown that contrary to morning workouts, evening exercises may be better.  Those prone to eating fatty diets, and who were obese gained a higher chance of an effective workout if they exercised in the evening as against the morning schedules. Studies have shown that those on a high-fat diet benefitted from these evening exercises since they moderated the undesirable effects the unhealthy greasy foods. 

Our body has a huge network of operations. Our tissues have molecular clocks that are responsible for the coordination of our biological systems. They trigger a response internally which makes our blood sugar rise or dip during the day. The internal clock is responsible for our hunger pangs, heart rate, body temperature, muscle strength, cell division, and many other processes. It is also said that what we eat and when we eat influences our metabolism and health.

What time of the day is ideal for exercising?
                         What time of the day is ideal for exercising?

Some researchers have revealed that morning exercises before breakfast do not burn as much fat as the evening ones, but some researchers have argued to the contrary. Some researches have shown that high BP, heart health and type 2 diabetes improve through evening exercises which are more beneficial.

One set of experiments showed morning exercises had no effect on high cholesterol, and high BP, however, the evening ones smoothened the two significantly. 

While there is no significant finding so far on which time of the day is better since the scale dips in favor of both morning and evening.

The best way is to let your body decide what works best for you and which time of the day suits you and you feel better and then you can follow that rigorously!

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