Alpesh Patel introduces a SaaS digital platform for free same day prescription home delivery to patients

Alpesh Patel
Alpesh Patel

Alpesh Patel, the CEO of Ravkoo has pioneered a revolutionary use of the SaaS digital platform. Nationally, this digital platform for prescriptions has over 400 distributions spread over 100 important cities. The latest feature introduced is free same day prescription delivery to the homes of the patients.

Alpesh Patel has taken this up as an initiative where he can give back to society. Through his company Ravkoo a donation of $1 for every prescription received from patients is being made to prominent charities. Talking about the inception of Ravkoo Alpesh Patel says, his motivation stemmed from the urgent requirement all over India during the pandemic for same day delivery of prescription medicine. The pandemic created the need for telehealth, telemedicine and virtual doctors. Although this became convenient, virtual and contactless, the medicines still had to be picked up physically. This meant the personal visits to the pharmacy. In a bid to do away with this, tedious task, Alpesh initiated this platform.

Alpesh Patel
                                        Alpesh Patel

This also introduced addressing of urgent requirements through same day delivery and that too free. This prescription delivery platform that is a same day one has been very popular. The aim of his venture is to combine convenience and affordability. While doing this the prescription process too can be streamlined and the quality of healthcare can be improved. Alpesh had his past experience of a pharmacist to bank upon. He combined this experience with learning innovative technologies and his hard work and dedication to create a success story. He attributes a large portion of his success to a good team. He says he was lucky to have built a good team that has supported him till date. He has been in healthcare for the past 13 years and is constantly upgrading and innovating to bring the best in the industry to the public.

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