How Do Cancel Wealthfront Account? Methods to Close Account

How Do Cancel Wealthfront Account? Methods to Close Account

Many individuals terminate or close their Wealthfront accounts out of apprehension regarding market risk. If you encounter the same issues, proceed with the instructions in this guide to learn how to cancel Wealthfront. 

Wealthfront is a platform or tool that assists you in investing and managing your funds wisely so that you can lead a secure existence. However, if you are considering terminating your Wealthfront account, follow these steps. 

You can rescind your transfer by tapping the rescind button adjacent to the desired transfer within your Wealthfront Account. 

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How Can One Cancel Wealthfront Account Transfer Request Via the Website?

Within twenty-four hours of submitting the transfer request to the account, you may withdraw your request for a Wealthfront Account transfer. 

To cancel Wealthfront, an account transfer from the website, proceed as follows. 

  • Access your Wealthfront account by logging into the site.
  • Tap your name, which is displayed at the top of the display. 
  • In the Activity portion, navigate to the Wealthfront Account drop-down menu.
  • Select the revoke transfer option.
  • After that, select the “Cancel” button. 

How Do I Cancel A Transfer Account From The Wealthfront App?

Methods to cancel Wealthfront the Account Transfer via the application. 

  • Launch the Wealthfront application.
  • Select the contrasting indicator located at the base of the display. 
  • Select the revoke transfer option. 
  • Next, swipe the left side of the screen.
  • Select the “Delete” option. 
  • With the Cancel option, your transfer has already begun processing and can be canceled. 

How Do I Cancel A Pending Website Transfer?

As stated on the website: Choose the “Transfer Money” link. Click the “View scheduled transfers” link. Select the “Cancel” button.

Tap the icon with two arrows (the transfer button) on iOS. Select the View scheduled transfers link. Choose Edit > Tap the red icon. Select the Delete button. 

Tap the icon with two arrows (the transfer button) on Android. Select the View scheduled transfers link. Tap the icon with three dots> Select the Cancel link. 

How Do I Close An Automated Investment Account?

Indeed, upon complete withdrawal of funds from the Wealthfront Account, the automated investing account will be shut down automatically.

Account funds can be withdrawn through the process of liquidating the account. To liquidate your Wealthfront account, adhere to the subsequent actions. 

  • Enter credentials to access your account.
  • The “Transfer Money” option is accessible via the dashboard.
  • Navigate to “Withdraw” > “Exactly withdraw the balance of the account”
  • You will receive the funds you withdraw via ACH.
  • You will be entitled to certain taxes upon liquidating the account.
  • Upon the conclusion of the withdrawal procedure, your account will be closed automatically. 

How Can I Close My Cash Account With Wealthfront?

Proceed as follows to cancel Wealthfront your Cash Account:

  • Funds may be transferred to an additional account associated with the Wealthfront account. 
  • Anticipate the final interest payment. The date that your final payment is due will be the first of the subsequent month.
  • Withdraw the final payment of interest. 
  • Inform their Support Team via Message that you want your Cash Account deleted. 

How Do I Make A Cash Withdrawal From My Wealthfront Account?

Using the following methods, you may withdraw funds from your Wealthfront account at any time for free:

  • ACH Transfers Commenced Via Website Or App: Select the transfer icon in the Cash Account section.
  • ACH Transfers Initiated From ATMs Via An External Platform
  • The Use of Wire Transfers: Enter your credentials to access your Wealthfront account. Tap the Transfer Funds button. Select Deposit, then tap Utilise a same-day transaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Penalty Associated With Wealthfront Withdrawals?

No, withdrawals from the Wealthfront account are not subject to any fees. 

How Can Transfers Scheduled Outside Of Wealthfront Be Cancelled?

To terminate payments or transfers from the external account, you must physically access that account and rescind the transfer. 

How Will The Cash Account Be Closed About Other Wealthfront Accounts?

No, closure will only affect your Cash Account; all other Wealthfront Accounts will remain active. 

How Can Customer Service At Wealthfront Be Contacted?

To establish communication with the Wealthfront Support Team, you may transmit a message to them. 


Almost every aspect of cancel Wealthfront account or transfer has been addressed. Follow the instructions in each header to resolve any problems with your Wealthfront account. When in doubt, however, please get in touch with the Welathfront service team.

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