Fashion model Marissa Rose, inspires the fashion industry with revolutionary ideas

Marissa Rose
Marissa Rose

The aim of fashion model Marissa Rose is to own a modelling agency with an inclusive atmosphere that promotes the best in every individual. The models deliver their best on the runway. Marissa Rose wants to be a role model and inspiration for all the upcoming talent. She is keen on revolutionizing the fashion industry. Marissa Rose breaks the stereotypes with her petite 4’11’’ frame. She has broken free of the shackles of a criteria of height in the modelling and fashion industry, and has emerged successful. She was the first model who was 4’11” to walk the major ramps. She has completed 11 seasons of Fashion Week and is well onto completing the 12th. She has appeared in New York Fashion Week 5 times, two times in Paris, twice in Miami Swim Week and once in Fashion Week of London and LA. Marissa Rose, has shown that when one has the passion to make it big height cannot stand in the way. She has had her fair bit of struggles and challenges but has managed to tide over those with ease. She is extremely popular on social media, and her TikTok follower base has over 39,000 followers. Her followers are appreciative of her posts and show their loyalty through their comments and likes.

Marissa Rose
                                      Marissa Rose

Marissa wishes to inspire others to live a life like hers by realising their dreams despite challenges. She imparts tips on modelling through her content on Tik Tok and she also encourages the opportunity of a one-on-one modelling sessions and classes with her. In an interview with Sheen magazine after her appearance at the Paris Fashion Week Marissa said that she wants the models of her height to feel as powerful and successful as those at 5’8” or more, she calls for a change in the mind sets of people and attempts to create revolutionary trends in thinking and breaking of stereotypes.

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