Highest-paying government jobs

Highest-paying government jobs

Highest-paying government jobs: The best jobs in the world are the ones that pay well. While many people do want to get out of the rat race of the private sector which begins with getting a joining letter and ends with the relieving letter only to repeat the entire process again, the government sector can be an ideal choice for you. However, many people don’t join the government sector because they feel the government sector can’t match the private sector in terms of salary. That however is not entirely true and you may have been misinformed because there are countless government jobs that not only have an extremely satisfying set of roles and responsibilities but also offer a higher salary than the private sector jobs. The list below provides information on some top-paid government jobs with salary details and other important points to consider before applying for one of these coveted positions.

  1. IAS(Indian administrative services)

Indian administrative services are the most important administrative role in India and are considered India’s premier or main civil service. All India service has two other arms which are the Indian police service in the Indian Forest Service. An IAS officer serves the government of India as well as the states where she or he is posted. They are part of the permanent bureaucracy of the country and work under the executive of the government. By the nature of the job, they are required to be politically neutral and ensure that there is administrative continuity within the country. To become an IAS officer you need to clear the civil services examination which is conducted by the Union Public service commission. While the umbrella of responsibilities that falls under an IAS officer is really large, the Constitution defines the responsibilities to include collecting revenue, handling administration, and daily issues of the government while also contributing to the creation of policies. There they are paid really well and their salary begins at ₹ 56,000 in addition to countless benefits and a home while they are in service.

  1. IPS(Indian police service)

This came into being after it replaced the Indian Imperial police after independence in 1948. IPS is also a part of the three services under the all-India service’s banner. An IPS officer is an employee of the Central government. Much like an IAS officer an IPS officer also receives countless benefits in the course of their duty. The IPS salary begins at ₹ 56,000 when they start their job as the Deputy Superintendent of police.  Some of the key responsibilities of an IPS officer include leading different intelligence agencies like the CBI, intelligence bureau, Research and Analysis Wing, maintaining public peace, preventing crime, working towards disaster management, eroding corruption, leading forces such as the border Security Force on the central police organizations, serving people and ensuring law and justice in the area where the IPS officer is posted.

  1. ISRO/DRDO Scientists

For people with an engineering background, this is one of the best career choices especially if you are interested in research and want to contribute towards the progress of the nation either under DRDO (Defence research and development organization)or ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization).

 This is an extremely attractive career path for many, especially for the students of engineering who like challenges and want to contribute further towards the rapid progress of our nation. In addition to being an extremely satisfying job, this post also ensures financial security as you as a scientist get paid around Rs 60,000 per month.

  1. RBI grade B

If the banking sector attracts you and you want to work in the most important government body that is involved in making the economic policies of the nation then you should try to get a job in RBI as a grade B officer. Not only do you get paid an extremely high salary of ₹ 67,000 per month but you also have the chance to one day become the Deputy Governor General of RBI if promoted. Additionally, you get countless benefits like the three BHK flats and free education for your children. Read More The US delivered jobs in March in a signal of financial fitness

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