Hospitals swamped with COVID cases in America’s heartland

Hospitals swamped with COVID cases in America’s heartland

The alarming rise in new COVID 19 cases in the big cities in the USA has come to light, but the virus is now brutalizing the Midwest. A dozen states between Ohio and the Dakotas are engulfed with the pandemic attack.

According to the interviews conducted by Reuters with over a dozen health officials and medical care providers many hospitals are ill equipped. They lack equipment and beds and most importantly clinical staff including nurses and specialists.

There is a growing concern over the National spike in COVID -19 cases. The Midwest however, has reported more than double of any other region in the USA. This data was released by the COVID Tracking project which is a volunteer run data provider.

The reported cases in the Midwest rose twenty fold between the months of Mid June and Mid November.

                                           Hospitals swamped with COVID cases in America’s heartland

For the week ending November 19, the tracking project reported an average of 1,769 daily new cases per 1 million residents in North Dakota. Nearly y 1,500 per million residents in South Dakota, around 1,200 in Wisconsin and Nebraska, and nearly 1,000 in Kansas. The worst in New York even in its worst week in April, with all business shut and panic riding high in the public minds – the state never averaged more than 500 new cases per million people. In California also it never went over 253.

The Midwest officials declared that they were nearly at capacity. Most of the hospitals have tried to increase their space by grouping patients in one room, and using other areas. They are also requesting their staff to work longer hours with an increased number of shifts.

In many conservative states convincing people to take this virus seriously is a challenging task. They have to be convinced that this is a deadly disease and not just a hoax perpetuated by the Democrats.

Donald Trump during his rallies had propagated the mask as a personal choice and even with just two months more for his tenure to end there is no significant change in the COVID-19 strategy and the crisis continues to mount.

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