Microsoft is bringing ChatGPT technology to word, Excel and Outlook

Microsoft is bringing ChatGPT technology to word, Excel and Outlook

Microsoft on Thursday mentioned its plans to convey artificial intelligence to its most recognizable productiveness tools, along with Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and phrase, with the promise of changing how millions do their paintings every day.

At an event on Thursday, the business enterprise announced that Microsoft 365 customers will soon be able to use what the agency is calling an AI “Co-pilot,” in order to assist edit, summarizing, creating, and comparing files. However, don’t name it Clippy. the brand new capabilities, which are built on the equal era that underpins ChatGPT, are way greater effective (and much less anthropomorphized) than its huge-eyed, paperclip-formed predecessor.


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With the new features, users may be capable of transcribing meeting notes in the course of a Skype call, summarizing long e-mail threads to speedy draft cautioned replies, requesting to create a specific chart in Excel, and turning a phrase file right into a PowerPoint presentation in seconds.

Microsoft is also introducing a concept referred to as commercial enterprise Chat, an agent that basically rides alongside the user as they work and tries to understand and make sense of their Microsoft 365 data. The agent will recognize what’s in a consumer’s e-mail and on their calendar for the day as well as the files they’ve been working on, the displays they’ve been making, the humans they’re assembly with, and the chats happening on their team’s platform, according to the company. Users can then ask enterprise Chat to do duties including writing a standing file by way of summarizing all the files throughout structures on a certain assignment, after which draft an email that might be despatched to their group with an update.

Microsoft’s statement comes a month after it brought similar AI-powered capabilities to Bing and amid a renewed fingers race in the tech enterprise to broaden and deploy AI tools that can change how humans paint, store, and create. in advance this week, rival Google announced it is also bringing AI to its productivity gear, such as Gmail, Sheets, and doctors.

The news also comes two days after OpenAI, the organization in the back of Microsoft’s synthetic intelligence technology and the creator of ChatGPT, unveiled its next-technology version, GPT-four. The update has greatly surprised many users in early checks and a business enterprise demo with its potential to draft complaints, pass standardized exams, and construct a running internet site from a hand-drawn comic strip.

OpenAI stated it brought extra “guardrails” to keep conversations on course and has worked to make the tool much less biased. However, the update, and the movements through large tech organizations to integrate this era, should add to difficult questions around how AI gear can upend professions, enable students to cheat, and shift our courting with the era. Microsoft’s new Bing browser has already been using GPT-four, for higher or worse.

A Microsoft spokesperson said 365 users getting access to the new AI gear need to be reminded the era is a piece in development and statistics will want to be double-checked. despite the fact that OpenAI has made sizeable improvements to its modern version, GPT-4 has similar obstacles to preceding versions. The employer said it could nonetheless make “easy reasoning mistakes” or be “overly gullible in accepting obvious false statements from a consumer,” and does not reality take a look at.

Still, Microsoft believes the modifications will improve the enjoyment of people at paintings in a vast manner with the aid of allowing them to do duties easier and less tedious, releasing them to be extra analytical and creative.

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