Singer Charlie Vox jumps on legendary Junior Sanchez track and the outcome is top notch


We’ve all heard the story of the R&B/Soul singer who sang in the church choir that goes on to earn superstar status and sit amongst the greats. Charlie Vox literally follows this blueprint as fate would have it. We dig a little deeper and find there is so much more behind her dazzling smile and big vocals we hear on the balls to the wall Junior Sanchez track “Freedom”. A whole college degree, a former educator, nursing school…Charlie sure is doing the most.


In talking with Charlie she expressed her love for performing. “I love the look on the audience’s faces while I’m singing. I love connecting with people. Faces used to scare me. I never wanted to see the crowd. Until I realized they are real people, with real emotions, they feel, like me”.

Connecting to these emotions help Charlie with her song writing as well. “I try my best to write from an honest space so my songs are relatable. I don’t want to waste not one lyric.”

Charlie has written songs for Rihanna and Melanie Fiona, was featured on dance DJ CID’s “Actin Fake” and even toured with London’s own Estelle. Sis has even done some acting. Check her out in the movie “Lit”.

For now, we will let “Freedom” ring, and patiently await Charlie’s next move.

Low key, we’re keeping our fingers crossed, waiting, hoping, wishing that there is a full length C.Vox project on the way in the near future.

To listen to “Freedom” click the link below

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