The truth about Edinson Cavani feelings toward Cristiano Ronaldo

The truth about Edinson Cavani feelings toward Cristiano Ronaldo

The truth about Edinson Cavani feelings toward Cristiano Ronaldo before their World Cup matchup, The moment Manchester United signed Cristiano Ronaldo last summer, Edinson Cavani knew his time at Old Trafford was up.

Although Uruguayan forward Cavani had just finished his first season with United with 17 goals in 39 games, he was aware that Ronaldo’s much-anticipated return put his place at the club in grave danger.

In May, Cavani told ESPN Brazil, “At the time it was done, I thought it was a good thing for Manchester to sign Cristiano.”

Knowing a little bit about the current state of football, I immediately called my brother Walter Fernando Guglielmone, who serves as his agent, and asked him to find out what was going on.

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“I didn’t want to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, but not for that reason. No. Because he is a great professional with his targets, which is ideal for a sportsman, and because I had the opportunity to get to know him.” But I am aware of how things are now after playing football for years. I talked to my brother for that reason.

“It was more important to comprehend the circumstances. Not because I couldn’t perform the duties of my position at Manchester, but rather because there are many aspects of football today that differ from how they were with other people, how they were in the past, in years past. And because it happened so quickly, I had no reaction. We’ll play and try our best, I thought.”

In the end, Cavani remained at Old Trafford, but he had a forgettable season, scoring just two goals in 20 appearances for the team after giving Ronaldo the No. 7 shirt.

After leaving United in the summer, the 35-year-old eventually joined Valencia. Ronaldo is now also on the move after his contract with United expired last week.

On Monday night, the two will square off in their second World Cup match. The match will bring back memories of their first meeting in 2018 when Cavani scored twice as Uruguay defeated Portugal 2-1. Cavani also needed Ronaldo’s assistance to leave the field after getting hurt.

Against South Korea, Uruguay’s 2022 season got off to a scoreless start, with Cavani starting on the bench before replacing longtime international strike partner Luis Suarez in the 64th minute.

With a goal from the penalty spot against Ghana, Ronaldo had a more successful opening game and became the first male footballer to score in five different World Cups in history.

Portugal prevailed 3-2 to hold a lead going into Monday’s game.

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