Tonawanda woman trying to find order with the help of a billboard


The billboard is presently off of the 33’s Suffolk go out, still its vicinity variations every couple months.

TONAWANDA, N.Y. — while 54- time-old Tanya Guralny of Tonawanda is not operating, the last area you’ll detect her is someplace out-of-door Western the big apple.

“You can not forget a dialysis treatment, so you can not travel, or you need to make medications anyplace you are going for an excursion, “Guralny stated.”I can’t do not forget the last time I have taken a holiday.”

While Guralny turned eleven, she came honored with diabetes. She ultimately discovered insulin that labored for her, but it did its damage to both her feathers.

Granny came placed on the transplant listing for a corpse order and pancreas, which she ultimately got over on the Cleveland health installation in 2002.

But, now she’s back at the order transplant table.

“They instructed me I should stay up to 15 times with a corpse order. when you consider that I am going into my twentieth yr now, I have managed to exceed that focus,” Gurley said.

This time she’ll be suitable to want an abiding patron because the order could last from 25 to 40 times. She’s had no success for the reason that seek commenced in 2018 until a friend made an offer.

“My confidante came driving domestic from oils from town, and she or he was like, how roughly a billboard?”Guralny stated.”I’ve by no means heard of it before then but might as nicely essay it. try anything.”

Lower reverse in August, Lamar advertising got Guralny’s phone call, and just the right character picked up

“Every many months, she’s on an exceptional path. So she’s been on the 33, she’s been at the 190 in Niagara Falls, a hundred ninety right behind me. So it creates the figment she has a bunch of different billboards, still, it’s just the equal board we are moving around from vicinity to place,” stated Kristin Calorico, an account government at Lamar.

Not stylish did Calorico help Guralny design a billboard, but she also began a fundraiser for her new confidante.

“She’s the sweetest soul. She touched my heart, and I just asked to help her as a good deal as I may want to, “Calorico said.”I am so eager for her and I suppose, I witness she’ll discover her healthy, and she or he’ll get her glad finishing.”

Guralny has attained numerous calls from motorists but continues to be anticipating just the right character to take an observation.

Even though Western New Yorkers can not supply Guralny with her happy ending, there may be still a person available who desires this part of their story to shut.

“There may be so numerous of us who want a lifesaving transplant, “Guralnystated. However, perhaps you’ll suit someone differently, “if you do not fit me.”

Guralny says Lamar indeed put up her billboard in Cleveland for some weeks.

For everybody who would like to see if you could be her patron, you ought to have a perfect tab of fitness and A or O blood types.

You could subscribe in with the Cleveland sanitorium then. simply type in”Tanya Guralny” for the questionnaire, and ignore the questions on Social protection.

Nothing with high blood stress can be an order patron.

In the new york area, all of us 16 and aged can subscribe up to be on the NYS Donate actuality Registry.

According to the area, redundant than 7 million people across the state have inked up for that.

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