Trump’s legal absurdities: forcing more Republicans to lose patience

Trump’s legal absurdities: forcing more Republicans to lose patience

Donald Trump’s efforts to reverse the election he lost is being increasingly criticised for the foolishness of his legal claims which is causing some dignified Republicans to criticise him.

The President’s legal team, ruining its traditions of a peaceful transfer of power, is throwing off court challenges and piling up pressure on state election officials. His aides are fuelling a political storm mainly intended to destroy Joe Biden’s presidency before it starts, and to protect Trump from the historic humiliation due to losing an election after only a single term.

The team has some senior Republicans ready to call time. “It’s all over,” said a Republican.  In a leading magazine Trump’s behaviour was cited to be similar to that seen in a “banana republic.” 

If local officials move ahead despite the involvement of the White House throwing baseless claims of mass fraud, they will however confirm yet again Biden’s obtaining the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. Trump’s position will therefore become less acceptable even if he refuses to accept the claims that Biden won on November 3.

                                      Trump’s legal absurdities: forcing more Republicans to lose patience

Trump’s effort is to throw out millions of lawfully cast ballots in order to win a second term by malpractice as is seen unfolding. It is reported that the official leading the Covid-19 vaccine effort warned reporters on Sunday that a proper transition would be desirable, given the vital task of speedily inoculating tens of millions of Americans.

It is important that a smooth process is followed to help the speedy inoculation for everyone, vaccine expert Moncef Slaoui said. Slaoui also gave encouraging news that the US could reach a good level of immunity through vaccinations by May. Slaoui expressed hope of a return to normal life even as intense infections and rising death tolls reported the pandemic’s darkest months. Fears are rising  that the Thanksgiving travel will record  an awful explosion in cases that will be even more dangerous..

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