What’s in store for the sun signs today? Here’s a look ………………

What’s in store for the sun signs today? Here’s a look ………………
What’s in store for the sun signs today? Here’s a look ………………



People born with this sun sign have advised a word of caution today. They must keep a check on their words. They must not indulge in any criticism of their elders, especially at work. House repairs are on the cards today. There are chances of you receiving a financial gain.

A friend or family member’s health may cause you concern.


People born with this sun sign will have a lot of hard work to do today. Family life will be calm and peaceful today. A sibling like your brother or sister may require medical aid. Do not step out of the house unnecessarily as there are chances of some mishaps like a stolen wallet and belongings. 


People born with this sun sign will remain in good health. They will exercise their judgement to deal with challenges and tricky situations that may occur today. They will go out of their way to help somebody in need today.

This day may be physically and mentally tiring for you.

What’s in store for the sun signs today? Here’s a look ………………
                                                      What’s in store for the sun signs today? Here’s a look ………………


Cancerians will have to cope with a lot of backlog and pending work which may be related to house or property.

Time must be spent on looking after your health too today.


Leos will have a hectic work schedule today. It may be either housework or office work. Any ongoing projects will take longer to conclude and deadlines given by others for the completion of their tasks will be pushed back. 

Refrain from engaging in any financial transactions today.


Virgos will be blessed by their elders today and may also receive some financial gains.

Their personal and professional image will be enhanced today.


Librans must remain focused and concentrate on immediate tasks on hand today. They must do their best to complete all pending tasks.

You may feel dull and low towards the afternoon but chances of good news from overseas will see your spirits soar by evening.


For Scorpions this is a day of great bonding and togetherness. Even a small loving gesture of yours will be appreciated today.  

Youngsters in the family will bring joy and good news for you today.


Today will be a day of immense peace and happiness for all born under this sun sign.

You may feel a little tired with house hold chores so do take the time to rest and relax too. Indulge in a hobby that gives you happiness.


This day signifies material gains and will be lucky for those thinking of buying property. The visit of a long-lost friend will make you very happy. This day is good for spending time with your family and loved ones.


People born under this sign sun will need to strike a compromise on many things today. Avoid arguments and fights with friend and family.

Devote time to prayers and meditation today.


People born under this sign will discharge a lot of responsibilities today and remain in the good books of their friends and family.

They will try and pacify those who are in a mood for confrontation with others.

Astrological predictions by Marjorie 

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